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TEMPS D’IMAGES – “A beautiful European story”
The TEMPS D’IMAGES festival completed six years in Portugal. Six years of reflection in images and  words, on stage and on screen, thought out and directed for this festival by ARTE and La Ferme du Buisson.
The story line of the 2008 edition, lays down in artistic terms the issue of crossing borders, whether artistic or geographical. In short, a return of TEMPS D’IMAGES to its origins, which invites stage and image artists to work together to produce the show. Theatre and cinema oppose each other in a live format, telling what distinguishes them in form and fiction, to introduce new forms of writing.

TEMPS D’IMAGES is, in its essence, a European festival. Ten countries take part in this years´s edition, two newcomers among them, Romania and Turkey, which establish TEMPS D’IMAGES´s intention of extending the borders of Europe to the Bosphorus coast.

Awarded the sponsorship of the “Culture Project 2007/2013” of the European Union, the festival´s 6th edition presents a similar design to previous editions except a new section: TEMPS D’IMAGES cinema prizes for films on art.

Articulation, deconstruction, images which reflect into infinity or mirror games are key presences in the shows, installations, films and performances shown at the CCB, Culturgest, Chiado Museum, Berardo Foundation, Cinemateca Portuguesa – Cinema museum, EDP Foundation. Graça Brandão Gallery and LX Factory.

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