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Becoming a partner  !



1) Advertise in the site

We offer you the opportunity to advertise in the site through the banners provided for that effect.  Our system was conceived to be extremely flexible, allowing you to adapt the media to your budget when directing an advertising campaign to a very defined target.  Do not forget that certain areas of the site are frequently consulted as for instance, the survey results, the games, the schedule, or the newsletter.

We will inform you of the fee-back on your ad.  For more information on the insertion conditions and the respective tariffs, please contact us by sending an e-mail to info@LivinginLisbon.com


2) Becoming an official partner of the site

LivinginLisbon.com  is, likewise, looking for partners with whom it is possible to develop a richer and more active relation, that goes beyond  the simple placing of an ad:  exchange of contents that might interest the navigators, contents, game prizes (with a minimum value of 50€), invitations for openings and events organized by the partners, jointly organized events, etc…  Consult us for additional information!

The listing of partners can be obtained through request to info@LivinginLisbon.com


3)  Creating a similar site in another city

If you enjoy our site and, living in any other city around the globe, desire to create the same project, do go forward without talking to us first!  We have an excellent proposal for you which will enable you to have a city about your city almost the next day.  Do not hesitate in talking to us (if you know someone who might interested, please do mention our project)


4)  Becoming a referral in the site

We recall that being referred in the site implies the insertion of a text and photos  in one of the site’s rubrics in order to announce an activity which might have a lucrative character or not;  for instance a restaurant, an insurance company, an entity administering English courses, a doctor, etc…

The referral might be scored (meaning that will be scored and commented on according to 5 criteria of evaluation) defined by the site.  Usually, the referral is only scored when it is well  to the site (redaction committee).

Finally, and it is never enough to mention it:  the referral in the LivinginLisbon.com site is free of charge.  Free of charge in order to be independent.  It also means that LivinginLisbon.com is free to accept or refuse  any new referral or even cancel an existing one.

Once having understood these conditions, if you own a restaurant, health club, etc…and pretending to be referred to in the site, please present your proposal to the redaction committee.  We will certainly refer you if considering that the referral enriches the site and helps our users to make correct choices.

In the same manner, all referrals suggested by the navigators are more than welcome.


5)  Becoming an editorial correspondent of the site

The redaction committee is always in the look-out for new contents and ideas that will enrich the site.  Such is the reason why any person wishing to contribute with themes and articles can, in either a punctual or regular way, participate in the site’s actualization of contents.


6)  Joining the site’s redaction committee

The redaction committee is made up of people that, willing to assure the success of LivinginLisbon.com, freely contribute with their time and work to this task.

The redaction committee meets once a week and its role consists of choosing and comment on dossiers, articles, happenings, novelties, referrals, and rubrics that will be published on-line on the following week.  In a relaxed (but serious) atmosphere the committee reviews the navigators’ comments, the site’s contents that can be improved on, etc…Those that are interested might write contents, investigate in order to enrich one or other dossier, etc…

In order to become part of the redaction committee it is necessary to have some time available, preferably bilingual and, naturally, possess a good knowledge of the city of Lisbon.  That is all! Do not hesitate, all are welcome!


7)  Translating for the site

We are always looking for people willing, through payment, to translate contents for the site.  People that can collaborate with us in translating from one idiom into their native tongue.  The great advantage of such a work is that it can be done from home, for all the contents are available on-line in the server and there are no obligatory working hours.  All are welcome!

8)  Selling advertising space for the site

If you possess a commercial talent and speak fluent Portuguese, then you can join our commercial team.  There is no fixed salary but the commissions are extremely attractive. Contact us at info@LivinginLisbon.com

9) Organizing an event in partnership with the site

Businesses and particulars, when believing that the livinginLisbon.com site, with its image, project, and market target can be associated in an event you plan in organizing, contact us.  It will be a pleasure to analyze with you the collaboration possibilities in organizing such an event.


10)  Exchanging internet links with the site

We are interested in exchanging internet links with other projects that might interest our navigators.  Do not hesitate in contacting us!
If you foresee other manners of becoming a partner to the site, please contact us at info@LivinginLisbon.com!




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