2 December, 2021       LISBON - MAX. Partly sunny and breezyº, MIN. 03º

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Folders  |  A comfortable winter here in Lisbon
A comfortable winter here in Lisbon
A comfortable winter here in Lisbon
Sabine et Nicolas

To pass a comfortable winter here in Lisbon, we have chosen a heating system that is economical, ecological and removable… the static radiator.

The static radiator is a heating apparatus that unusually stores heat at night (at a cheaper rate) to then give it off during the day by radiation. It therefore helps stagger electricity consumption and heating.

The heat, which accumulates in special heat-resistent clay bricks with a high storage capacity, is then released into the room gradually, as it is needed.

Contrary to dynamic radiators (which contain an automatic regulator that activates according to the outside temperature), the static radiator is recommended in a private home, because it is better-suited and cheaper.

Removable, the radiator can follow you when you move home.


- Ask EDP (800 506 506) for a 30A meter (minimum) and ask to use the peak and off-peak system (which will also help you save money on washing machines and other apparatus used between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m). You will quickly be given an appointment, and it only takes five minutes to place the new meter.

- On the EDP website you will find special offers and addresses of places that sell static radiators. The salesman you contact will then come to your home and see how many you need according to the size of your home and its layout. He will also give you advice on how the set the machine (timer and power) according to your needs. Allow half a day to install three radiators.


On average, allow about 300 euros for an average-sized radiator, 400 euros for a big one and about 30 euros for the installation charge per machine.

Useful websites:

EDP: http://www.edp.pt/en/Pages/homepage.aspx

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