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Folders  |  "Arvorism” just a stone’s throw from Lisbon
"Arvorism” just a stone’s throw from Lisbon
Luís Matos
At the time, I was captivated by the leaps he would make from branch to branch in order to the reach the treetops. Now I’ve done the same thing, by taking part in an activity called “arvorism” which involves passing through trees on a pre-defined circuit, passing from tree to tree in a different, amusing way each time.

The course also includes the odd Tarzan leap to pass “grandmother’s bridge” or the more complex "estribos" bridge, via also the Amazon bridge. The course also has a splendid slide through the air: it really gets the adrenaline pumping!
The whole activity takes place with maximum attention to safety, in a lovely setting just a stone’s throw from Lisbon, at Mata do Jamor.

It’s a great place to spend a couple of hours together as a family: two fun-filled hours where we the older parents become partners in an adventure!

There are two courses: a shorter one lasting about 40 minutes with 15 activities for younger children (parents can accompany them) and a long course lasting two hours with 44 activities for all youngsters from 6 to 106!

 Prices: from 10€

Out of the following buildings, which do you think best symbolises Lisbon?
Belém tower
Mosteiro dos Jerónimos
25th April bridge
Praça do Comércio (square)
S. Jorge Castle
Rossio Station
Cathedral (Sé)
Free water aqueduct
Monument to discoveries
Santa Justa elevator
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