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Folders  |  Carla Amaro: Contemporary jewellery and designer pieces
Carla Amaro: Contemporary jewellery and designer pieces
Sanda Samitca
Carla Amaro: Contemporary jewellery and designer pieces
Her love of jewellery and design is not new, she used to create jewellery for herself and her friends who then encouraged her to continue. After a first course in industrial design (and due to the lack of jobs in this sector in Portugal), she sat the entrance exam to the jewellery school that at the time was located in Principe Real. She was one of the lucky ten to be awarded a place! That was already 15 years ago and since then, she hasn’t left the neighbourhood.

Then things happened easily: in 1996 she already started working with designers, making hats and accessories, as well as collaborating with galleries. In 2000 she decided to set-up her own make, initially at Calçada Engenheiro Miguel Pais, then a few streets away (that’s where I found her two years ago), to finally settle in Rua Don Pedro V. It’s really difficult to walk past this shop with its magical appearance without stopping.
Carla’s collections include many designs inspired by plants and flowers: she loves nature and enjoys observing it in awe. She also takes inspiration from her trips, namely to Hungary and Austria (to admire their 18th and 19th century heritage), as well as various calendar events. Hence, for the Don Pedro V commemorations, she designed a collection of necklaces and earrings that brought old fabrics and designs to life for all 19th century aficionados. Exquisitely nostalgic.
Carla loves to try, test and have fun with materials and techniques and carry-out research. From fabric to more noble metals, via felt, pearls, wool or any other material she can get her hands on, she adds her touch to transform these into an unusual piece of jewellery.
Using her imagination and able hands, she creates two full collections of necklaces, earrings and rings each year. Every piece is unique and all in very different styles, from bright, fun jewellery to more technical, elaborate pieces. In her designs, Carla pays very careful attention the shape, but also function of her jewellery.  Her idea is to create artistic pieces, but that are easy to wear. She sometimes indulges in more sophisticated and complex designs.
Like a big jewellery case, the shop is easy to admire from the street. But to experience the whole charm of Carla’s creations don’t be shy, open the door and take a look in the drawers of the shop’s two large cabinets where her treasures are stored.
Rua D. Pedro V, 1 (at the São Pedro de Alcântara Miradouro), Lisbon. Tel. 21 347 40 43
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 1 pm to 7 pm, Saturday from 2 pm to 7 pm http://carla-amaro.blogspot.com


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