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Folders  |  Here’s a great tip: New school pass 4_18
Here’s a great tip: New school pass 4_18
Here’s a great tip: New school pass 4_18
Now here’s a great tip: if you are between 4 and 18 years old, make the most of the 50% reduction currently being offered for bus and metro trips between home and school (in fact, it works for all trips). This totally new school pass is called 4_18@escola.tp (Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes Terrestres).
What do you need to do?
Go to the www.imtt.pt website and print the form that confirms you are still at school www.imtt.pt/4_18@escola.tp/cartao4-18.html, fill it in and get your school secretariat to sign it.
Then go to the underground station Avenida or Campo Pequeno where you can get the pass the day following your visit, for just 5 euros. Take the following with you:
- A completed and signed declaration
- A passport-style photo
- A form of identity (passport, ID card, etc.)
Once there, ask for the paper you need to fill-in to get the pass (ask for it as soon as you arrive so you can have it completed by the time it’s your turn)
Price: 11.30 euros per month (bus only - zone 1)

To charge the pass:
Bus+metro: in the metro stations
Metro: in the metro stations
Bus: in the usual kiosks, at the casa da sorte (Rossio) etc…
It’s that easy!

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