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Folders  |  Historical Lisbon Theatres - Teatro BOCAGE
Historical Lisbon Theatres - Teatro BOCAGE
Hirondina Cavaco
Historical Lisbon Theatres - Teatro BOCAGE

Located in the Anjos neighbourhood in Lisbon, the Bocage theatre was opened in May 2006. Created the following September, the Bocage theatre company presented its very first production in November of the same year, with the play “A Alegre História de Portugal em 90 minutos” (for children aged 6 and over), directed by Mauro Toledo, who also directed the play “Fantástica Aventura de Vasco da Gama” (same audience) that was so popular with youngsters during the 2007/2008 school year.

Determined to work on themes developed by Portuguese authors, for the 2008/2009 school year the company produced “El Rei Tadinho no reino das cem janelas” (children aged 4 and over), based on the work by Alice Vieira and directed by Maria João Miguel.
Despite the small size of its theatre (just 120 seats), the company has made a name for itself due to the quality of its shows and its contribution to education through the workshops it organises for young people throughout the school year as well as during holidays, in collaboration with both parents and teachers.
Currently showing in Lisbon are the productions called “A menina
que sabia usar o coração” (children aged 4 and over), as well as previously-staged shows for younger audiences.

As a complement, the theatre also organises drama for adults in the evenings. Enrolment for the next workshop on the theme “Abordagem à Construção da Personagem” (how to approach and build a character) are open. This workshop puts the trainees in touch with the actor’s professional world, teaching them how to build a character and create a show. The course aims to make each person confront their inner self as well as experience the look of others in order to make one think, question, develop the ability to laugh at oneself and accept the mockery of others.

Youngsters’ workshop: Saturdays from 10 a.m. to noon, € 50/month
Adult workshop: Thursdays from 8 to 10 p.m., € 60/month

Bocage also hosts productions from other companies, for all audiences. If you are interested in organising a birthday show for your children, the Bocage theatre opens its facilities to you for the price of 20 tickets.
You can also bring along food or a birthday cake, or ask for more services and activities. Prices and conditions can be obtained by calling 91 244 99 09. The Bocage theatre bases all of its activities on the family-theatre concept, endeavouring to always make visitors feel right at home.

Rua Manuel Soares Guedes, 13 A
( Rua Damasceno Monteiro)
1170-206 Lisboa
TEL: 21 478 81 20
FAX: 21 478 81 29
EMAIL: mail@teatrobocage.com

Information and bookings: (+351) 91 244 99 09
Website: www.teatrobocage.com

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