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Folders  |  Parties, Barbecues, Dancing…in Lisbon for Saint Anthony Day
Parties, Barbecues, Dancing…in Lisbon for Saint Anthony Day
Luis Matos
Parties, Barbecues, Dancing…in Lisbon for Saint Anthony Day
Popular Saints

During the month of June, all over Lisbon there are parties, barbecues, dancing…, all part of the town festivities, the highlight being the night from the 12th to th 13th of June because this is the day of the Lisbon´s Patron Saint, Saint Anthony.

This is a day of joy for all “Alfacinhas” (1) who all over town organize small parties, often just among a small group of neighbors.

On the evening of 12th of June, you can see the Popular Marches going down Avenida da Liberdade, a unique parade where the town´s history and tradition unite, where each Quarter of Lisbon compete among themselves…if you have never seen this and you are in town, here´s your chance. After the marches, walk to the “Portas do Sol”, just above the Sé (Lisbon cathedral) where you can enjoy one of the best views over Lisbon and it is a good spot to start the night. Mingle with the locals, taste a grilled sardine on a slice of bread or a “bifana” (pork on bread)…and stroll along the streets, with no destination, just follow the music, the people, take a break when you´re feeling tired, thirsty or hungry. These are the Lisbon “festas”, walk around the Alfama and Castle quarters, without GPS, just roaming, stopping, dancing, drinking and eating…get into the town spirit and you won´t regret it.

Note: we suggest you use public transport, and that you go by foot in the Alfama and Castle quarters.

(1) Name given to those born in Lisbon

> In the Voz do Operário street, in the Graça quarter, there is an association with the same name. In a courtyard, in the open air, we can sit to eat grilled sardines or any other plate of our choosing. Wooden tables and chairs. Live music.

> During the Lisbon marches in June, this is the headquarters for their participation. “Alfacinhas” (small lettuce): it seems that this vegetable was brought into Portugal by the arabs in large quantities...Rural people fed their pigs with lettuce. The inhabitants of Lisbon ate them in their salads…hence the nickname.

Juliette Dejardin

More infos: http://www.festasdelisboa.com/

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