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Pubs in Lisbon
Javhlan Byamba-Hughes
Pubs in Lisbon

Many Irish pubs in Ireland carry their owners’ names, in contrast to their British counterparts which are often named after pictures or symbols (the Red Lion, the King’s Head, the Royal Oak, the Rose and Crown…).  

The British Beer and Pub Association noted that there are 57,500 pubs in the UK and more than 15 million people drink in a pub at least once a week.1  According to a recent BBC Radio 4 survey, Manningtree in Essex, a little town of 900 residents, has five pubs, thus one for every 180 people. Otley, in West Yorkshire, has 21 pubs for 15,000 people, equaling 714 people per pub; Beeston in Nottinghamshire has 18 pubs for its population of 21,000; and Brighton and Hove has 278 pubs for 250,000 residents.2

Pubs previously sold daily necessities and drinks, but now their purpose has changed.  In a pub, one could eat, drink, play games and listen to music.  Many pubs have installed big screens that show sporting events, usually national or international football and rugby games, which attract many clients as audience. During Euro 2004, pubs in and around Lisbon were full of locals and expat fans supporting their teams, and Euro 2008 will be no different.  

One of the main pub games is darts, which has grown from pub game to the international stage and now has a world championship tournament.  Pool tables, and sometimes snooker tables, are also common.  Some pubs organize quiz nights which can be very popular.

Eighty percent of pubs are family run, with the owners living above them, and this means that meals would taste home made.  A cozy atmosphere with dark wooden interior and red carpets are a common look, trying to bring warmth to the nights in the northern climates.  Pubs in Lisbon try to recreate a similar interior for their customers, whether Portuguese or expat.  

Every year on 17 March Irish pubs celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, with Irish music and dance and with beer dyed green.  The festivities are not limited to the Irish - anyone can join in and have fun.

O’Gilin’s could be the only Irish pub in Lisbon owned by an Irishman.  The owner of the pub, Conor O’Gilin, opened his pub in 1995.  This is a great place for Irish breakfast, if you fancy trying one; it consists of bacon, sausage, eggs, black and white pudding, mushrooms and grilled tomato, and it would not be complete without Irish Lion’s tea.   The world famous Irish beer Guinness, whiskeys and other drinks are available in the afternoons and evenings and there is live music every night except Sundays.  
Rua dos Remolares, 8-10 1200-371 Lisbon  21 342 18 99 Open 7 days a week www.irishpub.com.pt


This Irish pub will invite you with stairs carved with Celtic designs and old trade posters on its walls.  Drinks are Irish and international, and the delicious food is prepared by the chef who has been working there for nine years and who previously worked in cruise liners, in Asia, the Middle East and America.  They celebrate St. Patrick’s day and all international holidays and festivals with live music and good beer!

Rua Cais do Sodré 32-38 1200-450 Lisbon
21 343 1064

Jonh Bull-Pub and Restaurant

John Bull is situated in the centre of Cascais and the pub and restaurant invites its customers with a big British flag.  It has been serving residents and tourists for more than 20 years.  Certainly its décor is British with dark beams running all over the pub ceilings, but it also has an outside seating area.  If you wish, you can try their John Bull salad or John Bull beefsteak.

Largo Luis de Camões, 4 2750-409 Cascais
Tel/Fax 21 483 3319

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2 news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/7370986.stm

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