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Folders  |  Shopping for food in Lisbon
Shopping for food in Lisbon
Shopping for food in Lisbon

Shopping for food in Lisbon

Twenty years ago, when Portugal joined the European Union there were no big hypermarkets or department stores. Only neighbourhood grocery stores run by people from the same family, who lived nearby or even in the same building, who sold well priced, but not very diversified products. In order to prepare a more sophisticated meal you would have to go through Lisbon in search of foreign cheeses, a kilogram of Courgettes, thick cream, a pack of salt-free butter (that’s right…).
Meanwhile the food distribution panorama has radically changed. We have witnessed the appearance of hyper and supermarkets, as well as multi-department stores throughout the outskirts of Lisbon to the great satisfaction of the people who shop there every weekend as if on a leisurely walk. Products have gained much greater quality and diversity.

However, and in spite of the strong competition, commerce on a smaller scale  hasn’t entirely disappeared, perhaps because of the inconstant forms of the city streets. These smaller shops can offer their clients high quality products and service.
Keeping up with modern trends there are now stores with luxury and great quality products. Lisbon now has a few “gourmet” stores, and an organic farming market.
Naturally we can not be exhaustive in this folder, but that is why we count on you to enrich it, and keep it up to date.


If you’re a fan of the monthly basket, ideally you should head for a hypermarket (Jumbo, Continente, Feira Nova, Carrefour), where you will find all sorts of products, from clothing to fish, without forgetting electric appliances. These also offer numerous products from their own brands which are advantageous in terms of price but aren’t always of good quality, especially the dairy products.
Hypermarkets have the big advantage of being open for business much longer (normally they are open from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. and on Sundays and holidays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.), delivery services, free parking in most of cases and you can also shop for your groceries online through the internet. Hypermarkets wage war with each other and rival in ingenious campaigns to ensure the loyalty of their clientele: promotions, loyalty cards, financial services, travel agencies, concert tickets, free transportation….
If Hypermarkets offer a broader choice of products, the quality of these and the service that goes along with it isn’t always the best.
For some years now you can take advantage of the home delivery service, from a certain value of shopping made. Delivery is normally made from between 3 to 6 hours later. You can also shop online through the store’s internet website. Be mindful of the delivery schedules and verify the state and conformity to your order prior to accepting it. All this clearly eases our stressed day-to-day city life.


To the less pressured consumers, there already are some supermarkets (Pão de Açúcar, Pingo Doce, El Corte Inglês, E.LECLERC) in Lisbon. It’s nicer to do your shopping here. In spite of the prices being at times higher, these stores are more accessible, situated in the capital’s centre. Service is much warmer and the same staff maintain good relationships with their clients during many years. Their principal concern is to satisfy the client. Here you can still trade a few kind words with the staff.
Intermarché, although with the same characteristics of its competitors, remains after a decade established on the city’s outskirts.

Discount stores

Discount stores (Minipreço, Lidl, Plus) appeared about ten years ago. In these stores we can find both products from their own brands as well as from known manufacturers. These last ones have very competitive prices, however their offer is limited.

Traditional stores (groceries)

Whenever you need good fruit and vegetables nothing beats the small neighbourhood grocery, where you will be asked for news from all of your family and where you will easily be offered credit in case you forget your wallet.

See: The Lisbon canning factory!

Delicatessens, Organic or specific products

If you’re looking for very specific products in Lisbon you can today find Asian shops  (Mouraria, Sacavém), Delicatessens(Delidelux, Gourmet, El Corte Inglés, Brasil (Rato), Mercearia da Atalaia, Charcutaria Moy, Nuts and Spices in the Alta de Lisboa, Charcutaria Fina near the Estoril’s Casino …, stores specialized in foreign products (Bulgarian on Lapa, French on Chiado,…)
On Cais do Sodre you can buy cod fish in traditional stores.
There still is a fish conserver in the downtown area (Baixa) (Conserveira de Lisboa: 34, Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, tel: 21 886 40 09). It’s said to be the best in the country.
You can find organic products in the Principe Real Market every Saturday morning, in the Campo Pequeno bullring’s supermarket and in the sections reserved for these products in hyper and supermarkets

Fresh Produce outside the markets; bread, fish, meat.

In Lisbon it is easy to find fresh fish in supermarkets and in the traditional markets (traditional fish stores are practically non-existent). There you will find a very large variety of fresh and good quality fish. AOf the supermarkets we particularly recommend El Corte Inglés.
It’s difficult to find real bakeries in Lisbon. Bread is distributed in the morning to wholesale sellers, stores and cafes, where you can buy them. The variety of breads and pastry is rather limited in Portugal. There aren’t many options available between breads and brioches.
In terms of butchers, Lisbon is much better served: It’s easy to find a butcher shop in every neighbourhood. The quality of the products varies from shop to shop. It’s important to note however that the beef is rarely of good quality (except the one that’s imported from Argentina, Brasil or France)
On the other hand, you can find very good lamb (from the Alentejo region) or pork. The veal is very good in El Corte Inglés.

Other - Barbecues

Let us not forget the little barbecue take aways you can find in many neighbourhoods (not all of them, unfortunately), which grill chicken, leaving a very characteristic aroma in the air.

Gas Stations

If you happen to find your refrigerator empty at 10 in the evening, and your stomach craving for nourishment, for a few years now you can find 24h convenience stores at most gas stations. Here you may find mostly basic necessity products. As regards prices, naturally these aren’t the cheapest stores in the capital.


For the unconditional appreciators of fresh produce, Lisbon offers about thirty markets of all different sizes. However the ones with the most diversified spread, and better catered for are essentially the ones from Campo Grande, Cais do Sodré, Saldanha, Alvalade and Areeiro.
Between Lisbon and Cascais all the towns have markets. It’s important to mention the one from Algés, which is famous for its good quality fish and the one from Cascais, for its diversity and good environment…
Monday through Saturday you will find fruit, vegetables of the season, fish, meat, poultry.
Let us not forget to mention in Lisbon the organic market in Principe Real, every Saturday morning. Outside of Lisbon, in Sacavém, the homeowners' association of Sacavém (Associação dos Moradores de Sacavém), and in the Municipal Garden in Oeiras. The diversity of the products is greater than that offered to us in traditional markets.


The Stores' websites

Pingo Doce
: This site is only available in Portuguese. Here you can find the stores' addresses and their working hours in the “as nossas lojas” segment. Not a very practical website. It belongs to the Jerónimo Martins Group. www.pingodoce.pt

Carrefour: Well developed and organized website. You can easily find the stores' addresses and working hours, as well as all the different services and products that the distribution group offers their clients: Loyalty cards, offers are presented in Portuguese only. www.carrefour.pt

Jumbo: Well designed website; working hours, stores' addresses, promotions, deliveries, online shopping, all the different services offered by the group are presented here. www.auchan.pt

Continente: Site developed primarily for online shopping. All other services are not very visible. www.continente.pt

Feira Nova: Not a very practical website, offers little information. www.jeronimomartins.pt

El Corte Inglés: Well structured website, complete, practical and clear. You can find all the useful information. www.elcorteingles.pt

Out of the following buildings, which do you think best symbolises Lisbon?
Belém tower
Mosteiro dos Jerónimos
25th April bridge
Praça do Comércio (square)
S. Jorge Castle
Rossio Station
Cathedral (Sé)
Free water aqueduct
Monument to discoveries
Santa Justa elevator
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