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Skateboarding in Portugal
Luis Matos
Skateboarding in Portugal
Skateboarding in Portugal has been for many years associated with delinquency, I never quite understood this reasoning, but fortunately this country has evolved a lot and skateboarding is today not only just plain fun but also a competitive sport and for many an urban culture, making an influence on the way of dressing, of behaving, of living.

The big advantage of this sport is that it can be practiced almost anywhere in its different varieties, from Freestyle, which are several sequential manoeuvres on the floor, to Street which is the more liberal version, using any obstacle you find on streets like steps, sloping walls, hand railings, pavements...this being the more visible kind of skateboarding, turning any street or alley into a great skate park, the imagination is the limit.
To practice the other varieties, Vertical (big ramps/half pipes), Mini ramp (smaller ramps/mini half pipes), Pool riding (empty swimming pools) or Big Air (big jumps) you need more skill, experience and proper facilities.

In the Lisbon area, and Portugal in general, the municipalities have been building proper spaces for skateboarding, and there are today several skate parks with good conditions. These places are suitable not only for skates, but also rollerblades and BMX riding; unfortunately for many parents these are not children’s playgrounds, to own a skateboard, a bike or a pair of rollerblades is not enough, to fool around here you need practice and really like the sport.

Monsanto Skate Park
Located in the Monsanto forest park, in Av. Keil do Amaral, it was built recently, of wood, with several quarters, hand rails, a pyramid with a grind, a good incline for manoeuvres followed by a fakie, etc.
Not advisable on weekends, it is full of small children.

Expo Skate Park
Situated under the Vasco da Gama bridge, right by the river, it is also an excellent spot for walking, playing ball games, cycling...flirting.
This Skate Park is made of concrete and big, ideal to practice mini ramp.
It has a big incline which allows a good speed for the mini quarters.
On hot days and when the tide is low, you should use insect repellent, because the river is so close it is often swarmed by mosquitoes.

Alcabideche Skate Park
It is in Alcabideche sports complex, being ideal for Street, with many obstacles.

Amadora Skate Park
This is one of the more recent parks built in the Lisbon, located in Ilha Mágica park (near the Chimarrão restaurant in Queluz) and has a very fast bowl and a very easy Street zone, suitable for beginners.

Luis Matos


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