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The European Health Insurance Card
Source: Sécurité sociale portugaise
The European Health Insurance Card
The European Health Insurance Card.

If you should be travelling in the European Union, European Economic Space or Switzerland, take with you the European Health Insurance Card.

In which Member-States is the European Health Insurance Card issued?

In the 26 Member-States of the European Union, in the three Party-States of the European Economic Space (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and also in Switzerland.

What is the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)?

It is a document that ensures the provision of health care when beneficiaries of a social security system of one of the States of the European Union, European Economic Space or Switzerland travel temporarily within this space. The card identifies the holder of same. It is a unique model, common to the whole space of the European Union, European Economic Space and Switzerland.

Under what circumstances can I use the EHIC?

When I travel temporarily in those States. The card does not cover the situations in which the insured person travels to another State for the purpose of receiving medical treatment.

To what treatment do I have the right with the EHIC?

All the treatment in kind that is clinically necessary during a stay in the territory of a Member State, taking into account the nature of the treatment and the expected duration of the stay.

Who can be a holder of the EHIC?

The EHIC is both nominative and individual. Its holders can be:
- workers and pensioners and their families who are covered by a social security    regime;
- beneficiaries of sub-systems of social protection who have assumed the liability for financial charges incurred with health care given to holders of the EHIC.

What do I do if, during a trip to a Member-State, I should fall ill?

You should present yourself at the official or stipulated health services (according to each national legislation) of the State in which the holder of the EHIC is staying, as if you were a beneficiary of the social security system of that State.

Will I have to pay for the care that is provided to me?

The insured person of one State who presents himself clinically in another State will pay only the fees and/or the co-participations that the nationals of the latter State pay in order to obtain such medical care.

How can I obtain the EHIC?

You can obtain the EHIC:
- In Continental Portugal, from the District Social Security Centre (or Provident Fund) where you live or to where your contributions are directed, as well as your Local Services or Citizens’ Shops; (See the case of the Autonomous Regions on the social security website)
- From the Health Sub-system (Institution responsible for illness protection, e.g. ADSE, SAMS, etc.).

How much does the EHIC cost?

The EHIC is issued without any charge to the holder.

What documentation is necessary to obtain the EHIC?

Depending upon the situation, the card of beneficiary of social security, of user of the National Health Service or of the sub-system that ensures your protection against illness, plus your ID card. You may obtain any information you need from the institution where you go to apply for it.

How long does it take to obtain it?

As a rule it is sent to the domicile of the applicant within five working days from the date of application.

For how long is the EHIC valid?

In principle for three years (general regime).

What must I do if the EHIC should become lost or stolen?

Report, obligatorily and urgently, the fact to the entity on behalf of which the card was issued (District Social Security Centre, Autonomous Region, Sub-system), and then follow the procedures indicated by the latter.

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