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Folders  |  The nine lives of Júlio Quaresma
The nine lives of Júlio Quaresma
Cédric Lecler
The nine lives of Júlio Quaresma

Painter, photographer, sculptor, or architect? Júlio Quaresma does not like being put in a box, so let’s call him a aesthete, creator and… lazy – by his own definition!
Júlio is also a gifted storyteller. In a calm, measured voice and using carefully-chosen words he tells his me his story so far. I could listen to him for hours as he  tells about his love of fine objects, his never-ending will to please, disturb, even provoke others as he did at an exhibition where he had the unusual idea of locking a naked man in a cage covered with small pieces of paper that guests then removed one by one.


Júlio welcomes me with warmth and generosity yet very simply in his splendid house that is also his studio, just off the Marquês Pombal.
Like many ‘lazy’ gifted people, Júlio likes to carefully think through everything he does so that he never – and he means never – does the same thing twice. In architecture this is a good thing of course, but he applies the same principle to painting, by building the finished painting in his imagination before even making the first brush stroke.

Julio expresses himself in many ways: all of his architectural designs are made using right angles, straight lines, different materials and glass, yet his work is also full of movement, curves, twisted forms as in his paintings where the human body – usually male – is sublimated.  There are few faces in his paintings: the focus is on the muscular, athletic and sometimes surreal bodies depicted. Júlio Quaresma likes to provoke, but above all he wants to create a reaction for he is always looking for answers to the questions presented in his works on human freedom and constraint.
This quest lies at the heart of Júlio Quaresma’s work.


When the artist is not painting, he expresses his artchitectural talent far from his home (Lisbon) in Angola where he undertakes major projects for the government. Several exhibitions are planned in Alicante, Valencia, Madrid, New York, and the Cuba biennial event in March 2009. If you are passing by one of these towns, drop in!



The other activities of Julio Quaresma

2004-… President of GADS - Grupo de Apoio e Desafio à SIDA (AIDS suport and challenge group)

2003-…member of the Portuguese Red Cross Board

2002-2003-He coordinated the Lino Antonio Gallery, comissionar of the exhibitions:

"KABUL  STRINGS”, photographs by Cristina Margato and sculptures by Claudia Lima;

“I – Margens”, paintings by Manuel Bentes and sculptures by Moisés Preto- Paulo.

2000-…Member of the Consultation Council of the ALTIMOR Association.

1999-2000  Vice-President of the Agostinho Fernandes Foundation.

1989-1990  Vice-President of the PIRÂMIDE Association.

Júlio Quaresma is one of the most talented Portuguese artists of his generation. His full biography can be found at  www.julioquaresma.com 





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