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Folders  |  Turkish delight and baklava in Lisbon!
Turkish delight and baklava in Lisbon!
Cédric Lecler
Turkish delight and baklava in Lisbon!
After six long months of renovation work and all sorts of administrative hurdles, a young Portuguese-Egyptian couple has recently opened an Arabic cake shop close to Estrela, specialising in Turkish delight and baklava. Susana and Said are not at their first attempt: they already opened a highly-successful shop in Berlin and then decided to come and settle in Lisbon.
Eastern delicacies in Lisbon! A pleasure for both the eyes and the taste buds. Susana explains in detail the origins behind each type of Turkish delight and I taste them all without restraint (in my opinion, the ideal way to serve them is as dessert after some sushi: they even look similar).  There are over 300 different varieties to try, in every colour, size, texture and flavour possible.
Said adds that they are all imported from the best firms in Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Nothing is copied, what you get here are original, quality items from recognised companies that meet European standards. Through this concept, Susana and Said intend to teach the Portuguese about Oriental desserts.
In this Lisbon shop, customers come to buy and eat delicacies piece-by-piece, whereas in Egypt they sell by the kilo !
Alongside the Turkish delight are baklavas, made from flaky pastry, roughly-chopped dried fruits and honey… truly mouthwatering. Here again, Said and Susana import only the best. Just heavenly: a subtle balance of crunchy and smooth. As you eat a cake accompanied by a mint tea, you suddenly feel you have been whisked away to a café in Cairo or Damascus!
The shop has a few tables where you can enjoy your cakes and a drink. 
The owners also have a catering service. Don’t hesitate to order some Turkish delight and baklava to share an unusual dessert with friends.

Calçada da Estrela, nº 187 1200-662 Lisboa. Tel/Fax + 351 213 904 251
Open from Tuesday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm

What is Turkish delight?
Take some arrowroot, sugar, water, lemon juice and mix….Despite its name, Turkish delight is a sweet found throughout the Middle East (namely in Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon). It may sound easy to make, but the secret lies in how long it cooks, as this effects the texture of the final product!  Then use your imagination and add ingredients in order to obtain dozens of different types of flavours, including pistachio, orange flower, mint, hazlenuts, etc. Turkish delight can be easily stored at least one month.
And what is baklava? 
Recipes for this vary greatly, according to country concerned (Algeria, Egypt, etc) but the base is always an assembly of filo or flaky pastry, almond paste, dried fruits and honey. Baklava can be square, diamond-shaped, or rectangular. You can store the cakes for about one week.

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