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Folders  |  Where can I find Africa in Lisbon?
Where can I find Africa in Lisbon?
Hirondina Cavaco
Where can I find Africa in Lisbon?

The fact is that « Alfacinha » Lisbon, i.e. the image the city gives to tourists based on Lisbon’s traditions and its more characteristic Portuguese traits (Popular Saints, grilled sardines, open-air dances, Fado, quaint neighbourhoods) cannot be split from the history of one of the most impressive overseas empires that brought black people to this city over 500 years ago! 

Today’s African Lisbon can be found initially in the « Creole triangle » in the  São Bento neighbourhood in the heart of the city, created in the early 1970s when the first natives of Cap Verde arrived in Lisbon and opened shops so that their compatriots could keep both emotional and communication ties with their place of origin (through shops selling produce from Cap Verde, discos, bars, cafés and transport companies specialising in the maritime routes between Portugal and Cap Verde).

Currently, «African Lisbon » stretches from the city centre to the outskirts, where over 93000 people of African origin live in neighbourhoods alive with the sounds and tastes of African party rooms, shops, hairdressers and typical restaurants. Most of these people (87 500) come from former Portuguese colonies, and nearly half (40 000) from Cap Verde alone.  The rest of this African-Portuguese community is made up of 21 000 persons from Angola, 15 800 from Guinea Bissau, 12 600 from São Tomé and Príncipe and 3 600 from Mozambique.

Some say that Lisbon is the largest Portuguese-speaking African city, but when one takes a walk around Rossio and by the São Domingos church, it is obvious that this community is made up of a lot of different nationalities from a host of African countries, namely French-speaking Africa, represented by Senegal in terms of numbers.

Lisbon tries to highlight – often tentatively – the many origins that live within its boundaries. It does so by putting the spotlight on people, cultural, gastronomic and even botanical produce that all indicate the capital’s multicultural nature. All of the continents where the Portuguese nation settled (particularly Latin America and Asia) add to this diversity, making Lisbon a truly multiracial city. In the heart of more traditional Lisbon lives an African Lisbon that is discreet yet lively.

There are few references to black people and African involvement in the city’s life, but these can be glimpsed in religious imagery (Graça church), the decoration of some older shops (Pavilhão Chinês, various tea rooms), football (statue of Eusébio in the Benfica stadium), paintings and azulejos, and even in music (rumour has it that Lisbon’s traditional Fado takes its roots from African songs). However, the best indicator of how African Lisbon really is are its restaurants and discos.

The sounds of Africa are now essential to everyday life in Portugal. In Lisbon, African music is part of the air you breathe. And it’s probably in the nightclubs and discos, where black and white mix in close, sensual dances once the sun has set, that one can really experience the colourful, warm and Creole side of Lisbon.

Where can I find Africa in Lisbon?

Disco Clubs:


Musical styles: Kizomba, brasileira
Rua Sousa Martins, 5 D
Metro: Picoas
Lisboa - Picoas
Ladies Night: Wednesday
Website: www.discotecamussulo.com


Musical styles: Kizomba, latina, brasileira
Avenida E.U.A. 128 A/D
Metro: Entre Campos
1700-180 Lisboa
Ladys Night: Tuesday

Musical styles: Kizomba, Semba, Pop, Brasil e Salsa
Metro: Campo Grande
No parque em Campo Grande. È o edificio ao lado do lago.
Lisboa - Campo Grande
Ladies Night: Thursday

Bar Kretcheu
Musical styles: Kizomba, Semba, Funana
Metro: Baixa Chiado
Rua Diario de Noticias, 122
Lisboa - Bairro Alto
TM: +351-963 660 756   
Musical styles: Kizomba e música Pop
Santa Marta de Corroios
Tel: +351 212 905 499       
Also opened on Sunday (full on Sunday)
Ladies Night: Friday
Website: www.ondeando.com


Musical styles: Kizomba, Kuduro
Travessa de Teixeira Junior 6
Lisboa - Alcântara
Open: Thursday, Friday and Saturday 00:00 - 6:00
Ladies Night: Thursday
Website: http://www.discoluanda.com

Barrio Latino Café - Restaurant/Bar/Discotèque
Musical styles: Salsa e Kizomba
Rua da Pimenta, 31, Parque das Nações (lado Norte) Na zona norte do Parque das Nações, frente ao rio Tejo, entre o pavilhão multiusos e a torre Vasco da Gama
1990-254 Lisboa Expo
Metro: Oriente
Lisboa - Expo - Parque das Nações

Musical styles: Musica cabo verdeana
Rua do Sol ao Rato, nº 71 A
Tel: (+351) 21 388 87 38        
Metro: Rato
Lisboa - Rato

Musical styles: Kizomba, Semba e outros
Rua de São Bento 155/157
1200-817 Lisboa - Lapa

Musical styles: Kizomba e mais
Rua Carlos Reis, 51 A
Lisboa - Bairro Santos ao Rego
Metro: Entre Campos
Train: Rego
Ladies Night: Monday

Teatro da Luz
Style: Kizomba - Tous les Lundis et Samedi de chaque mois
Largo da Luz. Lisboa
Metro: Carnide (Linha Azul)
Tel: (+351) 217 120 600        
Website: http://www.circulodedancadelisboa.com

Pó de Palco
Style: Kizomba - Tous les Jeudis
Horaires: 22:30 - 04:00
Comboio: Estoril
Avenida Biarritz, 10 B. 2765 Estoril
Tel: (+351) 214 662 233        

Refúgio das Freiras
Style: Kizomba - Tous les Mardis
Horaires: 22:30 - 04:00
Avenida Dom Carlos I, 57, Loja 2
Train: Santos (Linha Cascais)
Metro: cais Sodre  1200-647 Lisboa
Tel: (+351) 213 957 968        


Eu Sei Lá
R. Bartolomeu Dias 65. 1400 Santa Maria de Belém, Lisboa (Perto do Centro Cultural de Belém)
Tel: (+351) 213 015 295
Specialties: Cachupa, Cozido à Portuguesa, Muamba de Galinha, Muamba de Galinha à Angolana

Restaurante-Bar Casa da Morna
R. Rodrigues de Faria 21. 1300 Alcântara, Lisboa
Tel: (+351) 213 646 399‎
Specialties‎: Calulu de peixe, Caldo de peixe, Moqueca de Camarão, Cafriana, Cachupa e Muamba
Animation: African live music all the nights, with the band of the house

In Kulto
R. dos Bacalhoeiros 4. 1100 Sé, Lisboa
Tel: (+351) 218 862 395‎ 
Specialties‎: Açorda de bacalhau, Fondue de carne, Lombo com farinheira

O Cantinho do Aziz
Rua de sao lourenço nº5. 1100-530 Lisboa
Tel: (+351) 218 876 472
Specialties (from MZ): Caril de camarão, Makoufe, Frango à Zambeziana, Moamba e Chacuti

Ibo restaurante
Cais do Sodré Armazém A compartimento 2. 1200-450 LISBOA
Tel: (+351) 213423611
Specialties: Salada de caranguejo com manga; Caril de peixe em molho de coco e coentros; Chacuti de cabrito; gelados caseiros; banana caramelizada

Mãe Preta
R. das Taipas 14. 1250 São José, Lisboa
Tel: (+351) 213 230 007 - (+351) 213 420 407‎

En`Clave ‎(voir aussi “discotèques”)
R. do Sol ao Rato 71. 1250 Santa Isabel, Lisboa
Tel: (+351) 213 888 738‎ - (+351) 91 921 1702

CANTINHO DA MARIA (Cap Verde and more ...)
Rua Poço dos Negros 64, 1200-340 Lisboa
Tel: (+351) 967280759


Cabeleireiro Africano Paraíso Tropical Lda
Largo de São Domingos 20 (Rossio). 1150 Pena, Lisboa
Tel: (+351) 218 825 276       


R. Heliodoro Salgado Nº16, 16A E 16B. 1170-1778 Lisboa (Metro Anjos)
Tel: (+351) 218 146 981     

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