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Yoga Sámkhya in Lisbon
Miguel Borges
Yoga Sámkhya in Lisbon
Yoga Sámkhya

We know that important things are only visible to the heart, as Saint-Exupéry tells us in “The Little Prince”.

We know that “Love and Tolerance” are the solution to the greatest affliction of mankind: violence, as expressed in the teachings of Jorge Veiga e Castro, one of the world’s best known and respected yoga masters. However, we still focus on how people look and on what the eye beholds. We still try to get results without being ready to make the necessary sacrifices that are required along the way. And what about Love, and Tolerance? Are they the very foundations of our existence, and what does any of this have to do with YOGA?

To start with, Sámkhya yoga is now acknowledged by masters, philosophers, politicians, doctors, scientists and many other opinion leaders worldwide as being the most powerful, wise and ancient form of human development on the planet, dating back over 6,000 years.

Sámkya yoga improves health, is prophylactic, gives exceptional strength and suppleness, good condition and out-of-the-ordinary resistance: it gives considerable control over gravity and movement, strengthens the structure of the spine, helps you maintain your ideal weight  and perfect silhouette. It stimulates peristalsis and the return circulatory system, helps increase the potential of your vision, healthy lungs and willpower. It develops your ability to detect, increase and use energy in an impressive manner, by helping you to recover very quickly following physical exertion.   

Sámkhya yoga fights stress, develops a natural sleep pattern for better quality recuperation,  strengthens the immune system and stimulates the endocrine system in an exponential fashion, maintains youth hormones at the highest possible level, as well a feeling of self-confidence and contentment, helps avoid depression, breaks with loneliness, teaches you how to remain emotionally positive and very creative, and places the practitioner in a naturally relaxed and revised condition, similar to a return from holidays.

Sámkhya  yoga stimulates artistic sensitivity, increases professional efficiency, improves considerably progress in school, optimises the functioning of vital organs, oxygenates the brain and hair roots, heightens reflex reactions, and sharpens decision-making by making it quicker and more inspired, in all situations.

For children, Sámkhya yoga brings suppleness and creativity, strengthens the desire to learn, and heightens concentration, as well as the values of self discipline and fraternity, thus preparing them for the chemical and hormonal shocks associated with puberty; as for adults – and the elderly – it prepares them for pre- and post- andropause and menopause, and ensures that senile old age is something that only occurs right at the end of life.

At the start, yoga was known as Sámkhya – before yoga underwent subdivisions and the weakness and absurdity of contemporary life took hold.

The Âshrama (Âs.) is a centre exclusively for practising yoga, where you will reach a unique level of personal progress that is far deeper and quicker. To this end, there are dozens of Âshrama dotted throughout the country.

Sámkhya yoga is total yoga. Its power is exceptional, for in each lesson it uses all of the 12 technical disciplines that constitute yoga (and the six complementary techniques, making a total of 18), by working all of the positive sides of a person, always in harmony. It reveals the realm of music, constant concentration and mind over body control, and by true meditation explores undiscovered divisions and mental planes, thus leading to supra cognitive awareness, by stimulating intuition and  leading to moments beyond comprehension, or  “Overmind” until one reaches Illumination which is the supreme awareness of the mind on a human-cosmic plane.

The Portuguese arrived in India more than 500 years ago (before most of today’s countries were even formed), and have a deep, unique knowledge of Sámkhya yoga.

We offer the best training for yoga teachers with world-class excellence and the most complete, in-depth and competent courses currently on offer. Teams of teachers who bring out the best in every person are waiting to teach you.


Av. 5 de Outubro, 70 - Gal. Esq.
1050 - 059 Lisboa
Tel.: (+ 351) 217 802 810

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