27 October, 2021       LISBON - MAX. Pleasant with plenty of sunshineº, MIN. 01º

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  • Messing about on the water in Lisbon
    For those who want to set sail and discover the Lisbon coastline in search of adventure, be warned that before doing so, you must prove your navigational talents, for nowadays nobody is a born sailor, it’s a skill one must acquire!
  • Praia da Ursa, the most beautiful beach in the Lisbon area
    Lisbon is a very lucky city: it has a gentle and pleasant climate and is also close to some lovely beaches, many of outstanding natural beauty. One of these is the Praia da Ursa, close to the Cabo da Roca. To reach Praia da Ursa you will need to walk… quite a lot in fact, a small price to pay for paradise!
  • I have finally managed to achieve a childhood dream inspired by Johnny Weissmüller in his role as Tarzan on black and white TV!
  • TRAFARIA: Ideal for a gourmet break
    You cross the splendid Tagus estuary, where the river meets the Atlantic ocean, leaving behind the electricity museum, the monument to discoveries, the Belém tower, the 25th April bridge, basically a wonderful view of Lisbon, but also the city’s hustle and bustle.
  • Cardães Convent: follow the Guide!
    Around 1650, D. Luísa de Távora, a rich aristocrat from a Portuguese family, decides to end her days in a convent, after the death of her husband. So, what better way than to have her own convent built, which she did in what is today Príncipe Real.
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