31 May, 2020       LISBON - MAX. Mostly sunny with a shower or thunderstorm aroundº, MIN. 17º

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  • Camilla Watson
    Camilla Watson is a British photographer and a relative newcomer to Lisbon. I discovered her latest work on the walls of the Beco das Farinhas via an impressive video shown on the Nós por Cá programme. Camilla welcomed me in here workshop (Largo dos Trigueiros) with open arms ...
  • In Júlio Pomar’s studio
    Once you arrive at the top of the stairs under the eaves of this beautiful, simple house that survived the 1755 earthquake, you can see future works of art sitting there. Júlio Pomar returns to them early in the morning, as the street starts to stir and the first no. 28 tram rattles past.
  • Enter the world of  Bela Silva
    Of all the interviews I’ve had the privilege to undertake for Livinginlisbon.com, meeting Bela Silva was one of the most memorable. Such sheer talent and creativity and what mastery of her art!
  • The nine lives of Júlio Quaresma
    Some people think we have nine lives like cats. Júlio Quaresma is living his nine all in one go. Artist, sculptor, architect, but also active in his community, this out-of-the-ordinary man commands respect and admiration. Here is his portrait...
  • Claudia Lima: multiple artist
    Claudia Lima is Brazilian and has lived in Lisbon for a number of years, which inspires her... to paint and sculpt. I went to discover her extraordinary work at her studio in Telheiras.
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