10 April, 2021       LISBON - MAX. Clouds and sun with a couple of showers and a thunderstormº, MIN. 17º

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  • A comfortable winter here in Lisbon
    To pass a comfortable winter here in Lisbon, we have chosen a heating system that is economical, ecological and removable… the static radiator.
  • African Art in Lisbon
    For all those who, like myself, still don't know one of the oldest shops in Bairro Alto - and one of the prettiest - I invite you to go and browse inside Teresa Lacerda's shop. It is a place where African and Asian art are side by side, forming an authentic and warm decoration. But Teresa is not just the guardian of these objects. Some of them were created by her and blend perfectly into the collection. A true feast for the eyes! Follow the guide..
  • Furniture Restoration: Leticia´s Passion
    Letícia is an artist like very few others. She has made her profession out of her passion: the restoration of furniture and other porcelain and glazed earthenware objects. It was there, in the midst of all these objects waiting for a “lifting”, that I found her hard at work in her atelier, which smelt strongly of turpentine and wax.
  • What to choose, LCD or Plasma? (upgraded article)
    When we think of retiring our old TV set (CRT), an immediate question arises, what to buy, LCD or plasma? With this article, we don´t want to influence the readers to either side, we only want to inform him of the advantages of each of these technologies.
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