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  • Where can I find Africa in Lisbon?
    When one visits Lisbon as a tourist, it’s hard to feel its African identity. Even though the capital’s development was based on significant musical, gastronomic, architectural and other influences imported from the African continent over the centuries, black people are practically absent from the image that Lisbon gives to tourists.
  • Hiren Tambaclal: From Maputo to Lisbon
    Born in Mozambique of Indian blood, Hiren came to Lisbon in 1987. After trying out a few professions, one day he decided to open his own business. Calcutá restaurant is today a real institution in the Bairro Alto and probably one of the best – if not the best – Indian restaurant in Lisbon.
  • Wines : the 2008 Oscars
    On 13 February, in Santarem, "Revista de Vinhos" magazine awarded its prizes for 2008.
  • Joana Julião: 32 cocktails memorized!
    Nowadays, Joana is a freelancer and her services very sought after in every trendy spot in Lisbon. A private evening? An evening for Livinginlisbon? Why not? And if you want to find out what time and how to get to a club, it is her one must ask. After all, she did work in all the fashionable spots in Lisbon.
  • Payment of appetizers in Portuguese restaurants is not obligatory
    Payment of appetizers in restaurants is not obligatory. Restaurant proprietors who do not respect the Law can become liable to fines and even prison sentences.
  • Cup of Tea?
    In historical documents tea was first mentioned around 2700 BC. The story goes that when the emperor of China, Shen Nung, was sitting under a tree, some leaves blew into his boiling water. He was fascinated by the result and for centuries since tea has been drunk as a healthy drink.
  • Tascas in Lisbon
    There is one category of restaurants, which the Portuguese call “TASCAS” where one usually eats well for a good price. These are very simple “restaurants”, with wooden/stone tables, simple table cloths (often, just paper), no luxury or fancy things.
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