25 September, 2021       LISBON - MAX. Nice with sun and some cloudsº, MIN. 03º

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  • Monsanto, a multipurpose park...
    Considered by many to be the lung of the city, it was left abandoned for many years, having been requalified only at the turn of this century. It is one of the preferred spots in Lisbon (and outskirts) to visit on weekends, all year round, as long as it doesn´t rain.
  • Messing about on the water in Lisbon
    For those who want to set sail and discover the Lisbon coastline in search of adventure, be warned that before doing so, you must prove your navigational talents, for nowadays nobody is a born sailor, it’s a skill one must acquire!
  • I have finally managed to achieve a childhood dream inspired by Johnny Weissmüller in his role as Tarzan on black and white TV!
    The Portuguese capital was chosen as its first port of call out of the 60 the ship will make as a tribute to Portugal’s first discoveries made by the seas.
  • Yoga Sámkhya in Lisbon
    Sámkhya yoga is now acknowledged by masters, philosophers, politicians, doctors, scientists and many other opinion leaders worldwide as being the most powerful, wise and ancient form of human development on the planet, dating back over 6,000 years.
  • Four Seasons Ritz: also for Lisbon residents!
    Everyone knows the Four Seasons RITZ Hotel in Lisbon : a luxury hotel built in 1959, steeped in history, erected just a stone’s throw from the splendid Eduardo VII park. But behind its quite austere frontage are hidden some sumptuous, exquisite treasures for wealthy Lisbon residents to enjoy.
  • Mediterranean diving … in the Atlantic
    Bertrand Elgoyen talks of his passion, presenting some of the hotspots and places that give diving lessons in Lisbon and the surrounding area.
  • Portuguese Touradas
    Unlike Spanish bullfights, in Portugal it is forbidden to kills bulls in the arena since the 17th Century. For or against touradas? This is an ongoing debate, but the shows are spectacular, filled with demonstrations of sophisticated and refined horsemanship. Where can I see a tourada in Lisbon?
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