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  • Claudio Corallo, chocolate and coffee
    Claudio Corallo, of italian origin, is passionate about his work and loves to share his knowledge and explain what he does to others. His business is a family one. Bettina and their three children all contribute to the smooth running of this small company, where work starts in São Tomé e Principe islands and ends in a boutique-laboratory in Lisbon.
  • The Doll's Hospital
    The Doll's Hospital has been making and restoring children's favourite toys for almost two centuries. The current owner Manuela Cutileiro, a former teacher and a very pleasant lady, runs the Doll's Hospital with her daughter Catarina. She has been there for 20 years and knows almost everything about dolls: where and when they were made and how they can be restored.
  • Ana Sousa Dias: Objects with stories...
    If there are any doubts about the level of creativity of Portuguese designers and their capacity to divert some materials or objects from their original use, these doubts disappear as soon as you enter her boutique Alma Lusa
  • Carla Amaro: Contemporary jewellery and designer pieces
    I met the jewellery designer Carla Amaro – famous for her unusual, colourful creations – for the first time when I pushed open the door of a small, discreet yet unusual shop in one of Principe Real’s narrow streets. Two years later, Carla and I are in her new shop, talking about her journey.
  • Focus on the Herdade de Mingorra
    To the south of Beja and about 200 kilometres from Lisbon, Henrique Uva (pre-destined to do this job: his name means grape in Portuguese!) successfully implemented an ambitious project when he created the Herdade de Mingorra in 2004.
  • Wines : the 2007 Oscars
    The Revista de Vinhos magazine awarded its prizes for 2007. Since 1997 the best and the oldest Portuguese wine magazine has been making this selection.
  • African Art in Lisbon
    For all those who, like myself, still don't know one of the oldest shops in Bairro Alto - and one of the prettiest - I invite you to go and browse inside Teresa Lacerda's shop. It is a place where African and Asian art are side by side, forming an authentic and warm decoration. But Teresa is not just the guardian of these objects. Some of them were created by her and blend perfectly into the collection. A true feast for the eyes! Follow the guide..
  • Furniture Restoration: Leticia´s Passion
    Letícia is an artist like very few others. She has made her profession out of her passion: the restoration of furniture and other porcelain and glazed earthenware objects. It was there, in the midst of all these objects waiting for a “lifting”, that I found her hard at work in her atelier, which smelt strongly of turpentine and wax.
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