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  • Yoga Sámkhya in Lisbon
    Sámkhya yoga is now acknowledged by masters, philosophers, politicians, doctors, scientists and many other opinion leaders worldwide as being the most powerful, wise and ancient form of human development on the planet, dating back over 6,000 years.
  • A new natural way to younger looking skin has arrived in Lisbon!
    A whole range of famous people, including Queen Rania of Jordan, Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman, Isabel Presley, Carla Bruni, Nicolas Sarkozy all put their trust in the capable hands of Dr Chams who manages to rejuvenate and tone skin in a totally natural way, without surgery, by injecting vitamins and trace elements under the skin. He can now be consulted in Lisbon, and at a price that is affordable by all.
  • Is Lisbon a polluted city?
    Lisbon and the environment. The environment and global warming related problems, in particular those occurring in the area of Lisbon, do concern us all. This is an opinion article written by a great defender of ecology and environment in Portugal, Raul Martins, who puts his convictions into practice in his professional work (www.terramater.pt). There you will also find numerous links to environment-related sites.
  • Qigong & Reiki: Alternative therapies
    In today’s world, stress and a range of pressures lead to tension and illness. Two techniques originally from Asia where energy is essential – Qi Gong and Reiki – can help improve our well-being and health due to their preventive, but also therapeutic virtues.
  • The European Health Insurance Card
    If you should be travelling in the European Union, European Economic Space or Switzerland, take with you the European Health Insurance Card.
  • Spa in Lisbon
    A spa should be an oasis, a multi sensorial space that harmonizes body, spirit and soul. The idea of a SPA is to make everyone who goes there feel healthier and more beautiful. There are spa´s of all shapes and sizes, but they all have one common objective: your welfare.
  • New anti-smoking legislation in Portugal
    On January 1st, 2008, the law n.º 37/2007, adopted August 14th, entered into force. It introduced new standards for protection of citizens from involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke, as well as the measures aimed to reduce demand associated with tobacco dependence, and to stop tobacco consumption. The general principal of the law is to limit smoking in enclosed public areas.
  • Botox®: how it works - myth and reality
    Commonly known as Botox®, the application of this molecule has become more and more popular in the field of aesthetics.
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