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In need of help?


We decided to group together the essential needs of our daily life. Of course there are priorities and priorities…Some might think it strange to find a rubric such as take-away next to one on Aids but it was our aim to be as practical as possible when supplying needed contacts.  We, naturally rely on all to help us by pointing out eventual mistaktes or omissions that can be encountered in the text.  

Grocery shopping 24h/24h
Sanitary Alert
Need to talk
Victims of deceit
Key replica
The cut off of water supp
The cut off of electricity supply
The cut off of telephone line
Urgent mail service
Car taken away by Police
Water leakage
Gas leakage
Heart problems
Car engine problems
Loss or theft of documents
Pharmacies on duty
Alcohol related problems
Wake up call
Tele-check in



Grocery shopping 24h/24h

Feeling hungry at 3 o’clock in the morning and nothing in the fridge?

Only the shops named “Lojas de conveniência” located at service stations are open all night long.


Aggression, deceit, theft.

Have you been testimony to an aggression, deceit, theft?

Keep your cold blood:  Call 21 765 4242,  point out as many details as you can and await the arrival of the police.


Are you in need of an ambulance?

Public welfare ambulances: 21 940 4999


Need to talk?

If you feel lonely, depressed , having health problems, financial troubles, love problems, family problems, etc… SOS VOZ AMIGA is there to listen and help coming out with solutions (in Portuguese) : 800 202 669


Key replicas

Have you lost your keys? Need to call a professional to open the door for you and make new keys, no matter at what time it happens?

Chaves do Arreiro


Water supply being cut off

You find out that your water supply has been cut off without having being informed in advance by the water company.

Call 800 222 425


Electricity supply being cut off

You find out your Electricity has been cut off without any previous information from the electricity company.
Call  808 505 505


Telephone being disconnected

You find out that your phone has been disconnected without any previous information from the operating company : depends on the operator


Urgent mail

You have important mail to send after 18h30, time at which post offices close in Lisbon.
There are two post offices with extended schedules:

Restauradores : from 8h30 to 22h00

Cabo Ruivo (Expo) from 8H00 to 23h00


Electrocution, heart problems, drowning

Call 112.  Give away as much information as possible on the causes of accident, the situation, the condition of the patient, etc…and do not forget that the first few minutes are of extreme importance to recovery operations.


Water leakage

You find a water leakage at your place or with provenance from a neighbour.

You should call 800 201 600

Gas leakage

You find out there is a Gas leakage from either your place, a neighbour, or from the building’s stairwell:

You should call 800 201 722


Doctor on duty  112


You are the victim of or witness to a fire

You should call the fire brigade at 21 342 22 22


You are either victim or witness to a flood

Call the fire brigade at 21 342 22 22


Are you having engine troubles?

If you are not covered by your car insurance you should call ACP (Automóvel Clube de Portugal) for they will send a mechanic and charge the following tariffs


Loss or theft of documents

Having your documents lost or stolen,  you should immediatly go to the police and make a declaration of theft or loss of documents.


Need a pharmacy open during Saturday, Sunday, night time

Usually there is a listing of pharmacies on duty posted on the door of every pharmacy.  You can also find that information on the site of the National Pharmacy Association www.anf.pt


Alcohol related problems

You are having alcohol related problems and find it difficult to talk about it: we will provide you with the contact to the AA association in Portugal : 21 357 14 83



You want to make a complaint regarding a badly provided service by a company or a product with defect ( after trying to solve the problem directly with the company or store in question):

Call DECO 808 200 145 / 21 841 08 58

Underground : Nº in case of a strike : (verify) : 21 355 8457


Wake up call

You do not have a mobile phone (??!!) with the alarm function (??!!) : call 12161


The car has been taken away by the police?

You should call the police at 21 765 42 42 in order to verify if the car has been taken by them and not stolen.  After confirming that the police has your car, you will have to pay 129Euro (60 Euro fine, 50Euro transport, and 10 Euro parking). Your car will have probably been taken to the polices park at Restelo but there are also other police parking lots around the city ( there is no logic whatsoever between where your car was taken from and where it will be kept). Do not count on the affability of the police force that provides such services…


Taaaaxiiii !!!

You are in need of calling a TAXI:

Radio Taxis Lisboa: 21 811 90 00
Telétaxi: 218 111 100
Autocoope: 217 932 75

Out of the following buildings, which do you think best symbolises Lisbon?
Belém tower
Mosteiro dos Jerónimos
25th April bridge
Praça do Comércio (square)
S. Jorge Castle
Rossio Station
Cathedral (Sé)
Free water aqueduct
Monument to discoveries
Santa Justa elevator
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