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HOME  | LEGAL REFERENCES | General Conditions for Membership


The present general conditions have the objective of enunciating the conditions and modalities by which the users of the LivinginLisbon.com site might become members of the site’s private club – the “AVANT PREMIÈRE” space

All site memberships shall be done respecting these general conditions.

When subscribing for a membership, the user recognizes having previous knowledge of this conditions and accepts them.


The membership gives the user, for a determined length of time, the right to access the site’s communal private space as well as the assemble of services that are at the disposal of the members.

The membership is accepted through the payment of a member’s fee valid at the time of subscription and whose modalities of payment are described under the title “subscription”.

The membership is personal, individual, and non-transmissible


While subscribing a membership chosen from the different modalities available, the user must give the information demanded in the subscription fill-out form such as name, surname, address, e-mail address, postal code, city of residence, contact telephone, and taxpayer number.  The applying member will then be able to choose both the user’s name and password that will permit access to the area of community/services/club.
The user will receive an e-mail, at the address supplied in the fill-out form, with the confirmation of the membership.

The membership offers will have the following characteristics :

a) Membership

The user rapidly obtains the membership after the on-line payment.  In case of payment by bank transfer, the membership will be effective with a maximum delay of 48 hours from confirmation of a valid bank transfer.

The membership is valid for the duration of one year and it is not renovated by tacit renewal.

The member has the possibility of subscribing a new membership before the terminus of the current contract.  The duration of the new membership will be added to the one in course.  This procedure is valid for all types of membership.
With the terminus of a membership without having applied for a renewal, access to the community page is automatically canceled.

b) Special and promotional offers

BUG DELETE might offer the members special promotions that will be shown on the site during the period for which they will be valid.
The special offers are done through a partnership between enterprises, groups, and professionals of all sorts with whom BUG DELETE Lda has made accords.


a) Tariffs

The current tariff for a year membership is of 42 €  (forty two Euro) payable in one lump sum by all physical persons and not covered by any special offer or promotion.  As concerning moral persons (representing groups) membership fee will be informed upon consultation.
The membership fee is the one being charged at the time of subscription.  Eventual changes in the membership tariff will not affect those contracts that are already in course.  The membership fee will not cover the costs of Internet access or any telephonic costs.  Those costs are to be solely covered by the members.

b) Means and timelines for payments.

Through the referral of the credit card number to the LivinginLisbon.com site, process by which the payment is secured by the Visa system.

Through the Pay Pall secured payment system

Through bank transfer, done in benefit of the BUG DELETE SOCIETY, whose banking data is the following : NIB 0007 0000 0033 69 707 26 23 Banque BES

c) Confirmation of membership and eventual retraction delays.

Whatever the payment mode chosen be the user, a membership confirmation will be sent by e-mail at the time of membership enlisting.

d) Payment incidents

In case BUG DELETE Lda does not receive or, by any reason, is not able to cash in the user’s payment within the conditions described on article IIV – 3 and 4, the user will receive an e-mail asking for the situations to be regularized.  During this procedure, access to the paying part of the site will be denied until a valid payment is effectuated.
The period during which the user is denied access o the service due to such a payment incident will not affect the duration of the membership initially subscribed.


The user is informed that the personal data concerning him/her is necessary in order to make effective the membership to the LivinginLisbon.com site.  The data. Although destined to the LivinginLisbon.com site might be transmitted to third parties for commercial or promotional purposes, unless opposition to this usage is clearly stated by the member.  The member is entitled to exert the right of opposition in two ways :
- By courier mail sent to the social headquarters of BUG DELETE Lda, rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, nº 24-5 andar 1250-193 LISBOA
- By e-mail addressed to : info@livinginlisbon.com

The member has the right to access, modify, rectify, and suppress any personal data concerning him/her.  In order to exert this right the member must address a message to BUG DELETE Lda. Specifying the pretended changes on the existing data.


Any complaints concerning membership application and its conditions of usage might be done directly on-line through electronic courier or by mail addressed to :

BUG DELETE MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, nº 24-5 andar 1250-193 LISBOAA


The general conditions for on-line sale prevail over the printed ones.  Both parties have agreed that BUG DELETE LDA. Has the full right to alter tariffs without any formality other than changing the on-line general conditions.


Neither the member nor BUG DELETE LDA will be considered responsible for one another in case one of them forfeits any of the obligations stated on the present contract due to a major reason other than those usually recognized by the legal system.  In the case of a major reason, the obligations created by the payment or the subscription of a membership will be suspended for the duration of the impeditive. On the other hand, if the major reason has a duration, which is superior to three consecutive months, the subscription might be cancelled by expressed desire of the member : rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, nº 24-5 andar 1250-193 LISBOA info@livinginlisbon.com

If any of the conditions hereby stipulated is considered unnecessary and therefore ruled out it will be considered non-written and not invalidating of the other stipulations.  Portuguese law protects the present general conditions.  In case of litigation only the tribunals of Lisbon will have the competence to judge. 

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