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The Rules and Regulations of the contests organized by LivinginLisbon.com

Article 1 : Organising Company

The BUG DELETE Lta, a company incorporated under the Portuguese law, with a capital of 20.000€ and the head office at the address Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, nº 24- 5 andar – 1250-193 Lisbon, organises on its website www.livinginlisbon.com contests, that are free of charge and without obligation to buy.

Article 2 : Participation

The contests are open to all individuals of majority age residing only in the continental Portugal. The contests are held for the persons that are registered on the website (free of charge) or for the subscribers to the " AVANT-PREMIERE " club of the website LivinginLisbon.com. Excluded are the persons who have participated directly or indirectly in organisation of the contest as well as members of thier families.  It refers particularly to the members of the Editorial Committee of the BUG DELETE and the company employees.

Article 3 : Access

This contest is free and without obligation to buy.  Nevertheless, the internet connection expenses for the time of participation in the contest, will not be reimbursed.  The contest is accessible exclusively via internet connection at the website :  www.livinginlisbon.com
The contests are announced on the website with the minimum of 48 hours of advance notice. They take place continuously between specified starting and ending dates, Portuguese time (Western European Time Zone) as indicated on the website.

Participation in the competition implies full and entire acceptance by the participants of these Rules and Regulations; the codes of ethics regarding use of internet currently in force (chapter of good conduct, …), as well as the laws and applicable regulations to the contests currently in force in Portugal.  All the disputes concerning the interpretation of these Rules and Regulations will be resolved by the Organising Company. A participant has to be registered on the website or subscribed to the "AVANT PREMIERE" ; he/she is not therefore obliged to register for the contest participation. 

Article 4 : Participation

In order to participate in the contest, it is sufficient before the end date and time of the contest :
- connect to the website
- reply to the question(s) presented on the website
No other means of participation, such as by mail (i.e. postal service) will be taken into account.
The participant is informed and agrees that the information entered on the website, such as his/her user name or personal registration information will serve as the proof of his/her identity. The information entered by the participant is engaged by the site as soon as the participant validates it. The Organising Company reserves the right to verify the information furnished by the participants. 
The participants should refrain from implementing or attempting to implement any participation procedures that would not be strictly in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the contest. 
The Organising Company reserves the right to disqualify any persons that do not respect entirely these Rules and Regulations. 
The Organising Company reserves equally the right to bring proceedings against whoever would attempt to cheat or to disrupt the progress of the contest. 
The Organising Company will be able to decide to terminate the contest in the event of apparent evidence of a fraudulent intervention, taking place in any form (for instance electronically), and affecting the issues of participation or determination of the winner(s) of the contest. 
Understanding of proofs : 
It is agreed that the data contained in the information systems of the Organising Company have conclusive evidence regarding the data connections, as well as the information resulting from the processing of the data relating to the contests organized by the Organising Company. 

Article 5 :  Ways of Participation

Only a single participation is authorized by a subscription (i.e. same name and same addresses).  If it is established that a participant sent several responses under the same subscription, only one of them will be validated, while the others will be annulled. 
Participation in the contest will be considered invalid, if the responses are illegible, incomplete, distorted or carried out in a manner that contradicts these Rules and Regulations. 

Article 6 :  Nomination of the winners and prizes

The winner(s) of the contest is/are the one(s) who will have correctly replied to the question(s) presented on the website within the contest framework, within the dates specified by the contest, and in the precise order of arrival of the responses to the website.  The order of arrival of the winning reply is defined before the beginning of every contest.  For example, for a given contest, the 100th person who have correctly replied to the presented question would be the one who will win the prize. 
If several prizes exist for the same contest, they will be awarded to the winners in the order defined in advance (for example, the 40th and the 200th correct response).
No more than one prize per household will be attributed in every contest. 
Value of prizes awarded by the contest can vary from 5€ to 1000€. 
The Organising Company reserves discretionary right to modify the award in case of independent circumstances beyond its control, such as failure of a partner or a supplier to furnish the award, and to offer the winner another prize of identical or superior value. 

Article 7 :  Delivery of the awards

48 hours after the end date of the contest, every winner will receive an e-mail with a confirmation that he/she won the contest as well as the link and the time frame for collecting his/her prize.
In any case, if the winner does not collect the prize within 10 working days, the prize will be awarded to the participant immediately following the winner in the order of arrival of correct responses to the server of livinginlisbon.com.  Every prize is awarded according to the name and cannot be given to another person. The prizes are non-exchangeable. They cannot be reimbursed in cash, or compensated in any other way and are not negotiable. 

Article 8 :  Identity of the winner(s)

The winner agrees that his Name, Surname and the city where he/she lives will be revealed on the website.  No other information will be disclosed by the website. 

Article 9:  Responsibility

The responsibility of the Organising Company is strictly limited to the delivery of the effectively and validly won prize.  The company BUG DELETE would not be held responsible for disruption of the internet service; for the quality of the equipment of the internet users; or the quality of their method of internet access, that could cause delay of establishing an internet connection in order to participate in the contest or delivery of their responses.  Thus, the BUG DELETE company will not be held responsible if the electronic forms of participation are not recorded, incomplete, or impossible to verify.  The company BUG DELETE reserves the right to extend, shorten, modify or cancel the contests that it organizes. 

The Organising Company will not be held responsible in the event of malfunction related to the Internet itself or to any intrusion, attempt of intrusion or fraud, leading to failures in the administration, security, equity, integrity or the contest management.  The Organising Company especially would not be declared responsible for any errors, omissions, interruptions, deletion, loss of any e-mail and, more generally, for loss of any data.
If, for some reason, it happens that this contest does not progress as foreseen (for example as a result of a computer virus, a glitch, an intervention, a non-authorized intrusion in the computer system, a fraud, a technical failure, or any other circumstances beyond the control of the Organising Company that corrupt or affect management, security, equity, the proper progress of the contest) the Organising Company reserves the discretionary right to cancel, modify or suspend the contest, or to end it. 

The Organising Company reserves the right to interrupt, to modify, to shorten, or to cancel this contest in the event of a major force rendering impossible carrying out the contest in the future; in which case  it can not  therefore be held responsible. 
The Organising Company reserves the right to prolong the contest. 

Article 10 :  Litigations

Participation in this contest implies full, entire, and without reservation acceptance of these Rules and Regulations. 
Any disputes regarding interpretation of theses Rules and Regulations, as well as any non-foreseen cases will be resolved by a jury of 3 members designated by the Organising Company.  The Organising Company will not respond to any request concerning the interpretation of these Rules and Regulations received by the it after 15 days from the end of the contest.  It will not reply to any telephone requests concerning the interpretation of these Rules and Regulations for cost and logistic reasons. 
All difficulties of interpretation of these Rules and Regulations and all disputes will be resolved,  as a last resort, by the organizers or by the Justice Courts of LISBON (Portugal) with respect to the Portuguese law.

Article 11 :  Copy of these Rules and Regulations
These Rules and Regulations are available at the head office of the BUG DELETE Lta.
The Rules and Regulations can be viewed and printed on the website www.livinginlisbon.com
A written copy of the Rules and Regulations will be mailed free of charge upon request.  This request must be addressed by mail only. 

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