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The True BORDA D´ÁGUA Almanac 2008
Claire Baudoin

A precious compass for 2008.. No, there is no needle to indicate the North!

It is the true “BORDA D’ÁGUA 2008” Almanac!

“Useful contents for everyone" (the true BORDA D’ÁDUA Almanac with useful contents for everyone). 
Even without needle, this Portuguese compass allows one to be well informed all year long thanks to its useful information …
Indeed, this Almanac is well organized on a monthly basis, mentioning the respective saint for each day of the year, municipal and national holidays, the lunar and solar phases, zodiac, as well as the tidal charts.
It also indicates all the country’s markets and fairs organized by months, as well as giving useful tips on agriculture and gardening according to the different regions of Portugal.
Each page opens up with a popular proverb or an intellectual quotation such as: “no good barn nor good bread if it does not rain in February”... Many times we search for happiness as if it was a pair of glasses(...) when after all she sits right at the tip of our nose” (G. Drof).
In sequence, we will find two or three articles on topics as varied as the moon’s influence on agriculture, meditation, or even an instructive “Survivor’s manual”.
In 2008 the editorial was centred on the Azorean Tea. The Tea cultivated in the Azorean island of Saint Michael is the only Tea grown in Europe.
Leap years (2008): We get to learn why the need for adding an extra day to February (29 days) every four years; the Earth takes 365,25 solar days to complete its orbit around the Sun, which, obviously corresponds to a full day every four years.  Another interesting footnote: the actual calendar, called “Gregorian” is owed to Pope Gregory XIII who modified it in 1582 so that Catholic and Jewish Easter celebrations would not coincide. 


Although being an historical piece of the national press and dating back to 1929, its contents were always up to date in its editorial interests.  For instance, next years’ volume has a page dedicated to the problem of global warmth and climatic shifts.  For the near future scientists predict for the Iberian Peninsula a climate with tropical tendencies.
“The Future looks bleak...it will be hard and painful for the planet’s inhabitants...”
BORDA D’ÀGUA 2008 will certainly be a very useful compass.

Also think about your friends living in Portugal for it is a precious present.  It is very easy to find and has a terrific price (1,40 Euro).l

Claire Baudoin

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