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Lisbon - Warsaw

We spent in Warsaw 4 months. Fall, mild, colored in gold and copper; lenient winter, a few snowflakes, blue sky, and economic expansion the country enjoys in this moment, enormously contributed to our fast and pleasant adaptation!

For me, a Mexican, who has spent 15 years abroad, of which almost 10 in Brazil, this change could have been a true shock.

However, I wonderful discovered people, very Latin, merry, friendly, warm, smiling, with a great sense of humour, and who loved to throw a party! While everything was new and different, at the same time everything seemed very familiar to us. Except, obviously, the language!

From Portugal I miss especially clearness, the luminosity. The diversity of landscapes and colors on the beach of Guincho, the sunbeams boring through the clouds and their reflection on the sea when I went running in the morning or afternoon at any time of the year. Chain of lights and shades on Vasco da Gama calling for taking pictures each time we crossed the river, sunset on Tage and the distant view of 25 April bridge!
I regret good, well prepared fish, a good bread of broa, the cheese da Serra and my walks in Sintra or in Alentejo!
I do not regret A5 and the Portuguese driver in its superb 4x4 or convertible, which from a nice citizen, is transformed in a malicious sticker, at 200 per hour, flashing headlights, honking and insulting because there is a woman at the wheel!
I regret my friends and the projects I began and could not continue...

But I am really happy here, since I am convinced that a country, it is its people which make it. When we arrived to Poland, somebody told us that if we love people and the history, we will be very happy to live here. And it is quite true! The Polish, despite all their sufferings in the past, intolerance, racism, famine, fear and cold, have an impressive joy in life, strength and faith solid as rock. Without forgetting their history, they are able to look forward without complexes and false appearances; dynamic and humble, they think BIG!

Edna et Jean Noël Divet - 17.01.2008

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