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Beaches Lisbon
Beaches Lisbon
Lisbon is one of the rare European capital cities where one can, in a few minutes, change from being in the office to leisurely lying on a beach.  To top it all, the climate is extremely amenable.  What a luxury!  Here we will describe for you the main beaches around Lisbon, where you can, in all tranquility, get a suntan.  Do not forget your sunscreen lotion!

Also consult the beach information site, with contents in Portuguese.
  • All the information on portuguese beaches
  • 35 min away from the centre of Lisbon, Guincho is the surfers' beach...with plenty of wind and waves awaiting you!
  • Extensive beach located south of Lisbon, across the river, where all social categories of the capital are side by side.
  • One of the first beaches on the way out of Lisbon. Some 20 min from the city centre (a true luxury!). Even if the water seems clean and safe to swim in, do not forget that this beach is located at the Tagus river's mouth.
  • A charming small beach north of Lisbon, located between Cabo da Roca and Praia Grande, near Almoçageme. One will find this beach with its beautifull waves at the end of a small canyon. There are also some very nice touring spots around the area.
  • Beautifull beach located north of Lisbon although often obscured by mist due to Sintra's micro-climate. Though being a well known surfing spot, it still retains a family atmosphere.
  • If you want to experience some magical moments this is the place to go to. Magnificent scenery, superb beaches with very few waves.
  • The Moinho de Baixo beach, better known as Meco beach, is situated north of Espichel cape, in the Sesimbra municipality ...
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