25 September, 2021       LISBON - MAX. Nice with sun and some cloudsº, MIN. 03º

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Courses and Training
Courses and Training
In this item can be found a listing of courses and training in Lisbon and surrounding areas, selected by the Editing Committee. The references classified by the site are those, directly or indirectly, known by the Editing Committee and which can, therefore be recommended with a high degree of certainty. The references which are not classified are establishments which seem interesting but of which the Committee has not enough knowledge to give an opinion. Do not hesitate to give your opinions (good or bad) for they will be taken into account. Likewise, send in your opinion on other references that might be added to the list. We remind you that the site cannot be held responsible for any complaints or non delivery concerning the services shown in the site.
  • Private or group English lessons.
  • Mathematic lessons for individuals
  • Yorkschool, Lda is a language institute where foreigners can learn Portuguese, as well as German, French, English, Spanish, Italian and even Mandarin!
  • The Lisbon British Council is located in the “Menino de Ouro” (Golden boy) Palace, not far from Príncipe Real. In this beautiful house surrounded by a garden, you can start or perfect your knowledge of Shakespeare’s language.
  • If you would like to learn Spanish in Portugal for professional or cultural reasons or just to improve your speaking skills with classes designed for your own needs...
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