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Lisbon is the Portuguese city with the largest number of clubs represented in the professional league, from the small neighbourhood clubs playing in the third league to the biggest clubs which fight for the first league title of national football champions. 
At the Bwin league (1st League), Portuguese football's main competition, Lisbon is extremelly well represented, with 4 clubs, 25% of those contesting the tournment...

  • Responsible for the various football selections which incorporate the National selection. FPF also organizes the 2nd and 3rd national division championships, district championships, junior championships, women's football and indoor football.
  • The Belenenses Football Club is located in Restelo, Lisbon's most chic suburb where most embassies are located. Although not having many fans, it is the only club in Lisbon with which everyone sympathizes.
  • The Star of Amadora, small club located on Lisbon's outskirts, has its field located at Reboleira. This club is well known for "spoilling the party" for the big ones.
  • The SPORT LISBOA e BENFICA is one of the "great" (along with the Football Club do Porto and the Sporting Club de Portugal). It is the Portuguese club with most supporters, entering the Guiness book of records as the club with most members (1.600.000)
  • One other of the "great" the Sporting Club de Portugal is the second club with most sportif titles (in all modalities) in the world. Not being the biggest Portuguese club, it is considered by many as being one of the nicest.
  • AFL is the association of all the football clubs in the district of Lisbon, comprising dozens of associates such as SLB, SCP, Belenenses, etc. It is the entity responsible for all football tournments in the Lisbon district.
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