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In this item can be found a listing of GP's in Lisbon and surrounding areas, which was pre-selected by the Editing Committee. However, and for obvious reasons, it is not possible to make any comments on it. In such a case, there have to be at least 3 favorable opinions for an establishment or person to be referred in the site. Do not hesitate to give your opinions (good or bad) for they will be taken into account. Likewise, send in your opinion on other references that might be added to the site. We remind you that the site cannot be held responsible for any complaints or non delivery concerning the services shown in the site.

  • In today’s world, stress and a range of pressures lead to tension and illness. Two techniques originally from Asia where energy is essential – Qi Gong and Reiki – can help improve our well-being and health due to their preventive, but also therapeutic virtues.
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