2 December, 2021       LISBON - MAX. Partly sunny and breezyº, MIN. 03º

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One of the first beaches on the way out of Lisbon.  Some 20 min from the city centre (a true luxury!). Even if the water seems clean and safe to swim in, do not forget that this beach is located at the Tagus river's mouth.

Crowded whenever the weather offers the possibility of a suntan, even in winter, the Carcavelos beach is a very popular place.  It is only 20 minutes by train along the coast from Lisbon’s Cais de Sodre station or by car along the seaside road, the Marginal.

The beach stretches almost a kilometre and offers numerous restaurants and cafes to its sun and sea lovers. The waves are good enough for learning how to surf, though it cannot match the Ericeira beach which
holds international surfing competitions.

By train: from Cais de Sodre station, take the Cascais train to Carcavelos.
By car: drive along the Marginal about 20 minutes (if traffic is light) and start to look for a parking space after Forte de São Julião.

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