27 October, 2021       LISBON - MAX. Pleasant with plenty of sunshineº, MIN. 01º

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Meco - Moinho de Baixo
The Moinho de Baixo beach, better known as Meco beach, is situated north of  Espichel cape, in the Sesimbra municipality. A beach with an enormous sand area, with lots of space to lay your towel, which is something rare in the beaches around Lisbon. This beach, because of the easy parking (though not so easy in peak summer) and its “till the eye can see” sand is very popular among families; were it not for the strong breakers, it would be  ideal for children.
The southern part of Alfarim beach is legalized for the pratice of nudism, where nudists blend quietly with the “textiles” (the non-nudists, so called by the naked people). To get to this beautiful beach, head south on the 25 de Abril bridge, take the Sesimbra exit, a few kms further on you turn towards Alfarim and from then on keep going straight ahead, till you reach the beach. On the left and right you will find some rustic car parks, run by fishermen and local associations (aprox. €2/day).

To eat, there are many good restaurants in the area, a very good choice being the “Bar do Peixe” (tel. 21 268 47 32/ www.bardopeixe.pt ), with a very pleasant atmosphere, good fish and fresh  seafood; this is the ideal place for a light meal at sunset. If we stray away from the beach, we have “Peralta”, one of the more famous restaurants in this area, where there is no lack of fresh grilled fish (917 254 983/  www.operalta.com ). At Aldeia do Meco, which has been in the limelight ever since the “Amo-te Meco” bar opened a few years ago, you can go to what is for me the best local restaurant, or tasca, the “Tasca do Domingos”, always full in the high season, not because it is the cheapest, but because it has the best snacks around here. Clams, shrimp, fried “eirozes” (small eels), fried squid, and other mollusks, all very well done. This tasca is very original, because the client first puts the table (and cleans up afterwards), puts down his order at the counter and then…waits. Quite unique, you have to see it to believe it.

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