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E. Leclerc Algueirão
For most French people, the creamy Montblanc desserts bring back childhood memories. But can you find them in Portugal? Now you can,  because the ‘Centre E.LECLERC’ in Algueirão (the 20th shop belonging to this chain in Portugal) that started trading in September 2008 has all sorts of French produce that it is hard to find in Lisbon. To whet your appetite, here are a few of the delights on offer:  frogs legs, scallops, special sausages, French dairy butter with Guérande salt,  Carambar toffees and Gâche from the Vendée region…and there are also a lot of specialities from the south-western region of France, because the manager of the Algueirão E.LECLERC hails from Toulouse! Just a fifteen-minute drive from Lisbon, you will find 2,800 sq. m of shelves with a wide choice of French products.
Go and take a look!

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