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Linha d'Agua
Stop time...
If one day you want to catch your breath, get some air, take a break and use well your time, and if you´re close to Eduardo VII park, we have what you need!
Walk up to the top of Eduardo VII park and don´t miss the opportunity of drinking a coffee in the “Linha d´Água” promenade, a place protected from traffic…

To get there, nothing easier: walk up the park from the Marquês de Pombal roundabout till the avenue, which crosses it transversally, called Alamed Cardeal Cerejeira.
Once you get here, roughly halfway, just keep looking up for a big statue by Botero which represents a mother with her son. Take the narrow path next to it…and you will find a small lake and a sunny promenade where you will find the “Linha d´Água”.

You can read your newspaper, let the children play and run without danger (the lake is not deep), sip a cup of coffee or even eat some hot dishes for lunch. The quiet spots with promenades are rare in town and this place is no to be missed by sweethearts…

R Marquês Fronteira Parque Eduardo VII -, 1070 Lisboa 213 814 327

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