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Casa dos Passarinhos
Casa dos Passarinhos
Here’s a good pointer, just a couple of steps from the Amoreiras suburb, but miles away from the plastic food served in the neighbouring shopping centre, with the odd exception. This is a typical Portuguese restaurant not very well known to the general public (until today, of course…), which prepares for you Portuguese food and grilled fish at affordable rates to anyone, especially to the local wallets. If you’re a fan of octopus in the oven you must come on a Friday. It’s famous, and God knows this dish can be a trap for our teeth, when the animal is tough or poorly prepared. In the meat department, we suggest that you try the “bife Nacra na Pedra” (“Naco steak on hot stone”) which is wonderfully tender. Be aware, there are no reservations (we’re not in Tavares), so get there early in order to find a seat. Prices go for about 10€ to 12€.

R Silva Carvalho 195, 1250-250 Lisboa. 213 882 346

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