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The Lisbon canning factory
Shivers go down your spine when you enter this shop ! It reminded me of my father’s stories of times gone by when he used to come here to buy tinned food, the same sort that is still on sale now. 

This place is about tins: tuna from the Azores, mackerel, sardines, fish eggs, cod... there are 125 varieties to choose from, made only with fresh produce caught in Portuguese waters.  The contents are delicious, but the tins are equally pleasing, wrapped so beautifully in coloured paper that one does not want to disturb the packaging,  just like in the good old days. But this is hardly surprising –after all, we are talking about the very best Portuguese canned produce!

This is a traditional shop still fitted with its original wooden shelves that has an equally traditional welcome: warm, precise and attentive. I was very happy and fortunate to be served by «Dona Jesus», a faithful employee for more than forty years who well before my birth was selling cans to my father.

This is a place where time has stood still, where you feel you have gone back to the turn of the last century. The friendly staff chat with customers, and the history of this place is tangible… It’s somewhere people come to do their shopping, but also listen and admire the wonderful stories from this shop steeped in tradition.

The Lisbon canning factory was created in 1930, and has always been in the Cabral Correia family. Today, the manager is Regina Cabral Ferreira, the daughter-in-law of the shop’s founder, who has recently been joined by Luis Vieira.

Luis Matos.

We recommend the following selection:

Lulas de Caldeirada TRICANA – 1.93 € (traditional squid dish)
Filetes de Cavala TRICANA -1.79€ (mackerel fillets)
Filetes de Atum TRICANA – 1.90€ (tuna fillets)
Sardinhas Picantes TRICANA – 1.69€ (sardines in a spicy sauce)

Conserveira de Lisboa, Lda.

R. Bacalhoeiros 34  1100-071 Lisbon
Tel: + 351 218864009  Fax + 351 218871058
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 9 am to 7 pm
Saturday: 9 am to 1 pm

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