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Whisky and Co
Have you ever asked yourself where to find a place where something different is sold from the usual whiskies you find in the supermarkets, no doubt famous brands, some good indeed, but lacking attraction, charm and sex appeal in their cold and soulless packages?

Lisbon being, in her own right, a city of rather old fashioned pleasures, but full of tradition, with a fireplace scent to them, of outdated but charming and historic clubs like the Grémio Literário, such a place should exist, where one can find the dream, the humor, the wish to stay, with a whisky by your side as a pretext…

And yet, such a place does already exist, hidden all the time in a normal and unhistorical quarter–what a paradox! -  and protected from all attention.

Whisky & Co, unlike what its name may suggest, is a relatively luminous shop, located between Campo Pequeno and Entrecampos, with a floor and tiles that remind you of the barrels that slowly produce the amber colored liquid that interests us.

What impresses most when you arrive is the discretion of the welcome, pleasant without being insistent, attentive without being pushy, all in moderation without being indifferent.

Like when you taste a single malt, after the first impression, come exploration: by then you´re not dreaming, you´re living it! Hundreds of bottles of whisky, over 600, we are told!

From Scotland and Ireland, certainly, but also from the USA, Canada, and more surprisingly, Japan! There are whiskies for collectors, amateurs and beginners, at all prices, and in every shape as well!

Imagine that the private collection, which we haven´t had a chance to see yet, has over 6500 bottles!

Last but not least, the shop is full of decorative objects, miniatures and books dedicated to the precious drink, which justify the fact we could spend hours there…

Oh, one last detail concerning the times you can go there: the shop opens from 10h00 to 13h30 and from 14h30 to 19h30 during the week and on Saturday mornings from 10h30 to 14h30, but on Saturdays, it is better to phone before to be sure.

Feeling tempted?

Go and try it out. Here is the address:

Rua Visconde de Seabra, nº 12 A-C  1700-370 Lisboa
Tel: +351 21 793 33 14 / 21 793 2655 / Fax: +351 21 793 35 07


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