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  • If there are any doubts about the level of creativity of Portuguese designers and their capacity to divert some materials or objects from their original use, these doubts disappear as soon as you enter her boutique Alma Lusa
  • A very charming store located in Chiado which revives the ancient original packaging of traditional Products. A must!
  • Modern jewellery and alternative accessories
  • It looks more like a warehouse or a workshop than a shop, and that is maybe what gives it its charm (and may also be the reason why some people don’t always dare to approach it and buy!).
  • This is a traditional shop still fitted with its original wooden shelves. This is a place where time has stood still, where you feel you have gone back to the turn of the last century. This place is about tins: tuna from the Azores, mackerel, sardines, fish eggs, cod... there are 125 varieties to choose from, made only with fresh produce caught in Portuguese waters.
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