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STEP 1 :

In order to place an ad with the site you should first register with the site.  This operation is completely free of charge.  It will allow you not only to place ads with the site as well as enabling you to make comments on the site, win prizes in the contests, obtain reductions with all the site's partners...


STEP 2 :

Once having registred with the site, all you have to do is to click on the option place an ad, at the top right side of the screen under the option "Register" and follow the instructions (simple) in order to place your ad.

Small ads can be both free of charge or paying. Consult the small ads tariffs.



The small ads service of the LivinginLisbon.com site is supplied and published by the Portuguese law society BUG DELETE, LDA (referred by the name of its Internet site LivinginLisbon.com) and whose social headquarters are located at : Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca  nº 24, 5º andar , 1250-124 Lisboa, Portugal.

For any questions regarding the present general conditions of usage do not hesitate in contacting the site through the following e-mail address : info@LivinginLisbon.com



I – Objective


The present general conditions of usage aim to fixate the parameters and conditions for using the service within the following picture : LivinginLisbon.com offers and supplies the small ads service which can be accessed by “the service” through the site www.LivinginLisbon.com (through the “the Site”).

Access and usage of the service through the site.

The mentioned service is a paid service that complements the site and allows the publication of an ad with the characteristics below:

The present general conditions constitute a contract proposal by livinginLisbon.com.  Once accepted, they assume contractual value between the costumer and LivinginLisbon.com.


II – Modalities of subscription and validation


A – Subscription


In order to be able to benefit from the service the user must :

(I)Accept the present general conditions by choosing the option “ I accept the present general sale conditions “

(II)In a clear manner fill-in the compulsory fields existent in the registration form and choose the option “ I accept the present selling conditions “.  The contract that establishes the commercial relations between the client and LivinginLisbon.com is formalized.

When filling in the registration form the user compromises himself/herself to giving true, exact, and actualized information.

LivinginLisbon.com registers the date in which the press was cliqued and the confirmation sent by e-mail.  This date is, by common agreement, the date in which the contract is agreed upon and confirmed by both the client and LivinginLisbon.com

The ad will be published on-line using the following procedures:

The advertiser will receive a confirmation of the contract sent by LivinginLisbon.com to the e-mail address supplied by him/her in the registration form.
The data registered with LivinginLisbon.com makes proof of the transactions carried out between the advertisers and the site.
The data registered by the service’s payment system makes proof of all the financial transactions carried out between the advertisers and the site.


Retraction possibilities


By European law, the client has the possibility of retracting when requesting either a service or a product.  The retraction right can be exercised within 7 (seven) days and permits, in case of devolution, the reimbursement.
The possibility of retraction will be invalidated once, and with the advertisers agreement, the service has started before the 7 (seven) day deadline mentioned above.
Therefore, when contracting the service offered by LivinginLisbon.com, and starting with the on-line validation, the service is considered as being active.  From that moment on the client looses the right of retraction with his/her full acceptation of that fact.


C – Conditions to access the service


The advertisers ad can concern the following products or services:

Private advertisers – can concern Real Estate both for sale and rental, car rental, or any other product or service.  The publicity’s tariffs vary according to both the function and type of good offered as well as to the period during which the ad is kept on-line within the site.  The ad must concern either one sole object or a restricted number of different objects which are not representative of any kind of business.

Professional ads – those that, being published by private or collective persons, offer paid products or services through an ad or through the site itself.

For the ad to be placed on-line, the advertiser must fill in the proposed formulary respecting the following conditions :

The ad’s headline should not exceed X characters.

The ad’s text body should not exceed 500 characters; should describe the service or product offered.  The ads shall consist of text body and the number of photos that can be placed varies according to the type of ad.  The ad can be placed directly by the advertiser or, when finding technical difficulty in doing so, can be sent by e-mail to the LivinginLisbon.com site.  The proposed text should not contain any kind of malice nor any attempt against the moral and good costumes.



D – Text validation before it is placed on-line


The small ads service of the LivinginLisbon.com allows itself the right to modify the text supplied by the advertiser as long as the proposed text does not respect the parameters set by the service.  Any text alterations that might eventually be carried out by LivinginLisbon.com will have the sole purpose of making that same text more understandable to the reader.
The small ad service of LivinginLisbon.com will, through e-mail, inform the advertiser of the proposed alterations along with a copy of the changed text.

The lack of reply within the next two days will be taken as an acceptance of the changed text by the advertiser.
In case the advertiser refuses the proposed changes to the text, the ad can be retired and the advertiser will be reimbursed prorata temporis of the cost paid for placing the ad.
In all cases, the small ad service of LivinginLisbon.com reserves itself the right of not publishing ads that might be considered racist, religious, etc. or that might, in any way, tarnish the image of the site itself.
Only the professional ads may contain commercial links, this being considered as any contact other than an e-mail address.
The tariff listing and the conditions for placing ads on-line are part of the present contract but they might, with no prior notice, be altered.



E – Conditions for placing an ad on-line


An e-mail confirming the transaction and containing the following elements will be sent to the advertiser :

Monetary amount of the transaction
Date of transaction
Hypertext connection to the ad
Date on which the ad will be retired

The placement on-line of small ads will be done conforming to the following criteria :

All ads placed with the site on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays will be published on the following Monday.
Any ad placed on Saturdays, Sundays, or Tuesdays will be published on the following Thursday. The date of ad retirement will depend on the duration selected by the advertiser when filling in the formulary and it is calculated from the date it was first published.
Within the rubric “ads” the ads will be listed by date of placement with the exception of the Real Estate ads, which have a search system by type of ad.



F – Ad alteration by the adviser


The advertiser has the right to alter contents in the case of changes such as:  Addresses, schedules, impossibility to offer the previously proposed service, etc.. The desired alteration will be informed to the small ads service of LivinginLisbon.com by e-mail sent to service@LivinginLisbon.com
The desired alterations to the ad will be introduced within the next 72 hours.
In case the advertiser is no longer able to supply the good or service previously proposed, the ad will be retired from the site.  In such a case, the advertiser will not be reimbursed.



G – Advertising idiom and translation


The advertiser can place the ad written in any language of his/her choice, however, the small ad service of LivinginLisbon.com cannot be responsible if the ad is not comprehensible to the navigators.  The translation of the ad into any of the site’s working languages is done by the small ad service of the LivinginLisbon.com.  The translation is free of charge.  The small ad service of LivinginLisbon.com has the right modify contents when translating an ad if it considers that it contains errors that might make its comprehension difficult.
If the advertiser does not desire for the ad to be translated, an e-mail expressly stating that wish should be addressed to service@LivinginLisbon.com.



III – Payment


Depending on their category, the ads can either be free or paid (check listing at the beginning of present document).
Concerning the paid advertising:

A – Tariffs validity period


The offer of services, along with their respective fees, are valid as long as they are shown on-line.


B – Tariffs


The costs of this service, taxes included, are shown in Euro.  Any request, wherever the origin, will be paid in Euro.
LivinginLisbon.com has the right to modify these fees at any moment, but the service will be charged according to the tariffs shown at the moment the inscription was confirmed.
The new offers and/or tariffs cannot, within the actual conditions of usage, alter the financial conditions already agreed upon by the advertisers and which are valid at the time new tariffs and/or offers are introduced.


C – Payment modality


The payment of the service can be done by Visa card, through the Paypall system or by bank transaction.


D – Payment security


The pages concerning the service payment are covered by a security system.

A procedure involving the encryption of the SSL data (procedure commonly accepted when the security and confidentiality of electronic payments are concerned) is used when processing the service’s payment.

However, when choosing to execute the on-line mode of payment for the service, the user acknowledges the risks inherent to this type of procedure and innocents LivinginLisbon.com from any reclamations and/or legal prosecution in case his/her banking data is intersected and/or used by third parties without his/her knowledge and/or consent.

One may, however, acknowledge any such incident occurring during payment when utilizing the service by sending the concerning information through e-mail to the following address :  service@LivinginLisbon.com.


E – Receipt


An electronic receipt will be sent by e-mail according to the data registered in the site’s formulary and after regulative confirmation with the banking services.  In case a paper receipt is desired, the user is asked to demand such a document from the site’s receipt service which is at disposal at the address : service@LivinginLisbon.com.


Customer attendance


Concerning any complaints or needed information, the costumer’s attendance service can be reached at the following address: service@LivinginLisbon.com.



V – Reciprocal obligations from both parties


A – the site’s obligations


The service is supplied with the present conditions and cannot be object of complaints once the inscription has been confirmed and validated by LivinginLisbon.com.

LivinginLisbon.com compromises itself in doing its utmost to ensure its on-line service 24h over 24h and 7 days a week, excepting during the occurrence of eventual technical difficulties and/or necessary interruptions due to maintenance, update, or site evolution.

In the event LivinginLisbon.com is forced, by any reason, to definitively suspend its services, the occurrence will be announced on-line, with information as detailed as possible.

LivininLisbon.com cannot be responsible for any direct or indirect consequences that might derive from an error in an advertisement’s text.

The site declines any responsibility concerning the contents of external links that might originate from the text of advertisements.

The authorship, copyright, and image rights, as well as all other legal protection concerning the contents of the ads are the sole responsibility of the advertiser.

More so, LivinginLisbon.com is not to blame for the use the navigators might make of the information contained in any advertisement.

LivinginLisbon.com is not responsible, in any way, for the accessing and the conditions in which it is made, downloads, consultation, usage of the service offered through the site and related to the telecommunication net, nor for the type of Internet and the material used by the client to access the net.
It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that all needed precautions are taken to make sure that the computer’s or other equipments’ technical characteristics will permit access, consultation and download of data within the parameters presently established in the service board.

LivinginLisbon.com is not responsible for the utilization of the service by non-authorized people, nor responsible for whatever loss or damage might occur in case the above mentioned rules are not obeyed.
The offered service is supported and protected by the present Portuguese law.



B – Client's obligations


The client declares and guarantees to LivinginLisbon.com that he/she has the legal capacity to contract the offered services.

The client presently compromises in making use of the service with conformity to the rules established and not to attempt, in any way, against the LivinginLisbon.com, the service and/or the site.

The client accepts the service with its actual functioning modes, both in terms of its quality and of the mentioned conditions concerning its usage.



VI – Protection of personal data


A – Treatment given by LivinginLisbon.com to the client’s personal data and its objective – compulsive or facultative character of the information supplied by the client when subscribing.
The personal data supplied by the client, gathered and treated by LivinginLisbon.com, can only be used for the communication and transactions proposed, as well as any need concerning the good deliverance of the service. Personal data can also be used by LivinginLisbon.com, or one of its partners, when such usage implies the best interest of the client.  This eventual use of personal data requires the client’s agreement.
Please recall that to benefit from the service it is compulsory to supply a valid e-mail address when subscribing.  If a valid e-mail is not supplied the service cannot be accessed.


LivinginLisbon.com respects the client’s privacy and strictly abides to the existing law concerning the protection of privacy and individual liberties.
LivinginLisbon.com abides to not transmitting to third parties the information received from clients.  Such information is considered to be, and treated as confidential.
In conformity with the existing law the client has the full right to access, modify, rectify, and suppress any personal data that concerns his/her person.
By consequence, the client might demand from BUG DELETE LDA, the communication of personal data, might it have been suppressed, rectified, completed, clarified, actualized, or erased, as well as any inaccurate, incomplete, wrong or damaged information that might concern him/her.
In order to make use of that right, the client simply has to send a request, either by e-mail or courier mail, to LivinginLisbon.com, stating the surname and name to the address:  service@livinginLisbon.com
In order to access all information concerning the protection of personal data, all are invited to consult the Internet site of the National Commission for Computer liberties at the following address: www.cnil.fr



VII – Intellectual ownership of the advertisement's contents


The advertiser remains the sole proprietor of all intellectual rights over the ad’s contents.  LivinginLisbon.com small ads service cannot, under any circumstances , make use of the ad’s contents, either in part or of the whole, for any purposes without being granted permission to do so by the advertiser.



VIII – General dispositions


A – Rescission

LivinginLisbon.com reserves itself the right to rescind and/or suspend, in an immediate way and without legal formalities, any inscription within the service that violates the present general conditions.  Any eventual rescission and/or suspension will be communicated by e-mail avoiding any damage.



B – Applicable law and autonomy of contractual clauses


The present general usage conditions are subject to Portuguese law.

If any of the present general conditions clauses is considered not to be valid or so declared when applying a law, a regulation, or in consequence of a definite decision by competent jurisdiction, the other clauses will retain their strength and validity.

The parts will agree in substituting the clause which has been considered null or invalid by one other that is as similar as possible in both content and financial equilibrium.

The present general conditions for using the service represent the integrity of the accord established between LivinginLisbon.com and the client, as relating to the objectives detailed in article I.


© 2007  LIVINGINLISBON.COM  - All rights reserved