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Dear Navigators

It is my great pleasure (and honor) to present to you the Editing Committee and the current correspondents of this site. These individuals are motivated, I should say passionate, and they believe in this project. My demands and expectations on them are high but I know they will manage to work it out, in one way or another. They have a common passion for writing and an unconditional love for Lisbon. I also know that the Committee members and the correspondences will change according to demands and trends, this is not only common as it is the rule of the game. Nevertheless, I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for initiating this adventure with me and for believing in the LivinginLisbon.com. Once again, I would like to welcome you to join us.

Cédric Lecler

Javhlan Byamba-Hughes
Javhlan was born in Mongolia, where she worked as a journalist in National TV and Radio. She went to the USA to study an MA in Journalism, which included a summer in London working at the BBC World Service. She is married to an Englishman and started a new phase of her life in Lisbon, giving birth to a multinational daughter. For the last few years she has been writing about Lisbon for a Mongolian expat website:  http://www.tsahimurtuu.mn/ for those of you who can read Mongolian!

Hirondina Cavaco
Born in the Algarve, Hirondina is a perfect illustration of Portuguese integration in France : she attended school there until her Master’s degree. She then took a year off to discover her homeland and fell in love with Portugal.  She has now been working for 20 years in a company that produces shows. Her knowledge of the ins and outs of this small world makes her a very valuable new member of the Livinginlisbon team, as well as her smile and bubbly personality !
Juliette Dejardin
From the north of France and former special needs teacher and mother of six, Juliette discovered Portugal in 1980 and fell in love with the country. She came back many times on holiday, visiting from north to south, when a professional opportunity meant she was able to come and study arts at university here for one year in 2002.  Giving in to her passion and her eccentric personality, she roped her family into the adventure and came to settle in Lisbon for good. The most important thing to say is that Juliette refuses all forms of injustice and has a giant heart… We needed someone like her on the committee.

Sophie Enderlin
Born in Switzerland, Sophie came to live in Portugal 30 years ago because of  her love for a Portuguese man, the sea, sun and the relaxed lifestyle in this «Jardim da Europa à beira-mar plantado» (T. Ribeiro 1831-1901).
Her profession as interpreter has helped her to discover the many facets of this country, a journey filled with love and curiosity that she would now like to share with the Living in Lisbon readers.

Luis Matos
Luis is a native of Lisbon, which he knows as the palm of his hand. If you need a tip for either buying a flat screen TV or a ticket for the next Benfica-Sporting match, he is the one you should turn to. Luis is not only resourceful as he is also multi-talented. A couple of years ago he bought 30 hectares of vineyard and has since taken a passion for wine. Although Luis did not make a fortune out of it, he certainly became a happier man. If you have any questions regarding The Wine Club, Luis is definitely the man to get in touch with.

Sanda Samitca
Swiss, Sanda is a sociologist and is currently pursuing a post-doctorat in Lisbon. She arrived in Lisbon two years ago and fell in love with the White City. Her knowledge of Lisbon is extensive due to her inquisitive nature. Sanda speaks 3 languages and has, passionately enough, conjured a small guide of Lisbon for her foreign friends who visit her.  It was love at first sight between Sanda and Lisbon!  

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Claire Baudoin
Xavier Colette
Olga Kalomenidu
Murielle Paviot

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Marie-Christine Ashby
Hirondina Cavaco
Ana Cornilleau de Almeida
Isabel Cunha
Rodrigo Ferreira Neves
Cristina Goulding
Antonio Goulding
Lali Talaya
Marina Soloviova
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Luis Mascarenhas

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Anna Almeida



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