16 October, 2021       LISBON - MAX. Times of clouds and sunº, MIN. 04º

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Themes  |  Settling in Lisbon
Settling in Lisbon
Settling in Lisbon
Arriving in a new country, a new city, is always an important moment which we face with apprehension, to a greater or lesser extent. There are new references, local customs to understand and learn, snags to be avoided… In order to take the first steps in the best possible way, one should obtain as quickly as possible the correct information. Here you will find everything that may be useful to begin your new life in Lisbon on the right foot: make your first official contacts, find accomodation, furnishings, food, … in short, we will try to save you time and most of all, to help you start enjoying this magnificent city. Therefore, and before anything else : Welcome to Lisbon! And do not hesitate to send us your suggestions and/or recommendations…
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